British Airways Concorde Room - March 2022


5am - 10pm

Airlines Serviced

British Airways
American Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on British Airways or American Airlines.
Concierge Key or Concorde Card holders.
One guest if you are on a first class ticket.

The Lounge

Located off to the north of the primary British Airways first class lounge, with its own entrance, quite expansive with seating for around 100 people. Dining for 40+ easy. Originally designed and named around the famous Concorde service, the elegance is still over the top.

After signing in at the first class only salon at the south end of terminal 5 in Heathrow, you are sent through a private customs exit and private security screening area for First customers.

Through security, there is only one place to head and that is the Galleries first class lounge. But, you're not quite there yet; you need to turn left out of the lounge, leave it, and head across to the Concorde Room for an additional check to prove your worthiness for this treat.
Now, as you pass this portal, you are in a separate world of first class exclusiveness unlike anything else in Europe Individual service and barely a wait for your check-in experience Here, you pass through the dedicated customs and private security screening.  (No pictures of the screening area, they have rules about that)
And now you are traveling down the corridor to the Galleries Lounge

Dining Area

A large section of booths (there are raised tables outside, but I don't see the point of using those with these available). Each one can seat 2 or 3 people. Very private, very quiet, and a delight to experience.
Dusted with cocoa in the form of the British Airways logo, such attention to detail So much delicious and amazing food.  Order until you burst if you want to - they'll let you
Being a decent chef myself, few can come close to my eggs benedict.  This is almost an equal and I was astounded
Well, now that you've had some food, and you still have some time before you board your flight, why not partake of the bar?
Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle ($200 a bottle).  Johnny Walker Blue ($220 a bottle).  Remy Martin XO ($200 a bottle).  What could go wrong?

Other Features

The Concorde Terrace is quite an interesting place, with beach style cabanas to relax in. An ocean resort feel for sure.
I almost would expect a Pina Colada here
Or relax in the homey areas in the rest of the lounge.
Cozy, intimate, and yeah.  I need 5 hours in this place Quite a bit of seating, but all of it is isolated from the other seats, like a bunch of private spaces
The lounge is pretty big but doesn't seem it when you're there
And well, a small little museum display of the glory days when the Concorde was still with us. I'm jealous and I need some of these items in my collection!
Such cool historical items and very 'Other half' living Impeccable service ware.  This is what we're missing today while flying


This is the top of heap, king in Europe and beyond anything I have experienced elsewhere. An extreme pampering and luxurious experience. Once you've had it, it's difficult to come to grips with leaving, or waiting to visit again.

A first class ticket is usually an extreme expenditure, so my advice is save up your American Airline miles and book in first from LHR to JFK (the other US destinations on AA depart from terminal 3 and not as great a lounge there). Then... enjoy your escape from the world of the mundane.

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