American Airlines Flagship Lounge - DFW International Airport


5:00am to 10:15pm daily.

Airlines Serviced

American Airlines
Iberia Airlines
OneWorld Airlines

Access Rules

First class or business class ticket on an OneWorld Airline (First Class ticket for Flagship First dining)
Emerald or sapphire status in OneWorld
One guest of the above

The Lounge

Something that was a long time coming for the home of American Airlines in Dallas, this lounge, being newly built in 2018 really stands out as an amazing and refined international luxury lounge, and while the world of coach is getting worse, at least one can have a little more love in business, or even first class, which is what brings me here.

While sometimes I have seen this place busy, I have never seen it full. There is always seating available. I don't get here too much as Dallas isn't really conducive to Europe or Asia from Minnesota, but sometimes, the flight routing gods smile upon me.
The primary seating and eating area, with the self-service bar containing a lot of top shelf spirits. Also beer and wine if you're into that kind of thing.
This is possibly a place where my accountant might get barred from boarding his next flight
Lots of bottled beer

Flagship First Dining

Another of the Flagship Lounges that has the special first class only dining is this one (there are 4 in the system). A larger room than Miami, more comfortable than JFK's was. Definitely quieter than a church.
The entrance to culinary and service delights
Back when this was just one special room in the Concourse D Admirals Club, things were different and much more self service
Limited items, it was a pretty small room too This was still darn tasty
The old entrance ticket
But now, well, things are so different with sit down, serviced dining and a drink menu/bar to make you think you've passed over to the promised land.
So many bottles here starting at $200 each... Yes, I am delighted This was my table on the way out to Australia
A chef's choice appetizer, I forget what it was, it's not on the menu Mmm, Halibut, my favorite fish
Beef Carpaccio, very nice salted beef My dinner on the way back, the flat iron steak Little 18 year old scotch (Macalans) with dinner
And we must not forget the cornbread, a staple in each location

Rest of the lounge

So much seating space to use, and specialty rooms that you may want to use. Very expansive lounge, makes others feel smaller.
The quiet room, if you really really need to get away from the noise, and I understand that The TV room, like in every other flagship, devoid of patrons
If you want to work and eat at the same time?  This location is primely located for that


I so rarely fly long haul internationally out of Dallas, and before this last trip, never in first class. It's an exceptionally clean, airy, well stocked lounge with pristine service both for sustenance and for your flights.

You can just buy up to get in here, not cheap but hell it's a great lounge and never fails to impress.

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