Finnair Business Class Lounge, Helsinki


06:00am-12:00am daily.

Airlines Services

One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class or business class ticket on an Oneworld Airline.
Emerald of sapphire status in OneWorld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

It's very nordic, with d├ęcor that's functional, but not overtly elegant. Food is buffet style, drinks are self-serve except at the bar. Now the food, beer, and drinks are of good quality, you just have to get most of it by yourself.
Finland seems obsessed with these sphere chairs Lots of seating, just not lots of community seating Believe it or not I didn't use this either visit through Helsinki

Dining Area

In the center of the lounge is the dining spot; the rest of the lounge is fairly private or very small group seating. I think this is indicative of the Finnish propensity for being introverted.
Cafeteria style, and very much for individuals Tasties, the cookies were good, the rest I didn't try
Hot stuff!  Now these were pretty good, especially the ones with sauces Bread, chips, cookies, cereal at breakfast, the cold table No doubt, they like beer here

Shower Facilities

5 shower stalls, very similar to the First Class lounge. There can be waiting at times, and reserving one is a challenge. Best to sit by the shower entrance and wait.

Other Features

There is an area for shopping, and an interesting couple casks of whiskey aging for their 100th anniversary in November of 2023, when it will be served in the lounge. Yes, I am making plans to be here then.


It's a solid lounge, quiet, comfortable, but not a visual treat. Good all-day food available, drinks to excess, good wines. Long term staying might be uncomfortable in the seating types available (after 10 hours in the lounges I noticed).

The base level business class fare does not include access to the lounges. Luckily, I have status, but this is something to be aware of if you buy one and have a long layover.
Various Finnair things to buy I bet this is going to taste so good and so smooth, can't wait!

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