Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki


11:30am to 06:00pm

Airlines Serviced

One World Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
Emerald status on OneWorld airlines.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

As I got off my flight from JFK, I was dead set to get to this lounge. I had missed it before while it was under refurbishment and another time during covid lockdowns so it was my mission this day to get into here.

It has a shared entrance with the Business Class lounge, which I had to wait in an hour for the Platinum Wing to open. Needless to say, I didn't waste a moment of its opening time.

The Bar

Normally I put the bar and dining together, but the bar here is central focus of the lounge, and what a bar. Top shelf liquors from Finland and around the world. Excellent selections.
Oh tower of delightful liquor how dare you tempt me so on a work day

Dining Area

Various localized meal options, I didn't try any of them
Yes, a reindeer burger is really on the menu And yes, Rob had it.  It was mixed with hamburger so honestly it just tasted like a super rich meat content burger.  The fries were absolute perfection in cooking also

General Area

The general seating area which is the basic functional design of much of the northern countries.
Normal seating areas, a tad uncomfortable looking to me The darker, quieter area past the dining was more to my liking

Shower Facilities

A very excellent dedicated shower and well, sauna area. Yes, a sauna, you heard me correctly.
Completely separated showers and sauna area You can tell which is open instead of running all over to see the doors Spacious, warm (it was 9C there that day) with nice local bath products
Didn't bring your steam room gear?  No problem, there are towels and robes galore And yes, indeed, that is a freaking sauna, a real one, in a lounge


This lounge was high on my list since 2018 in my quest to capture all the first class lounges in the OneWorld system, and I'm so very glad I got to enjoy it.

The food is a little light in depth but very local in selection. The lounge is airy and quiet. The quieter section is more enclosed with a comforting feeling. The drinks at the bar are something I wish I could have enjoyed much more of - and would have if I was not working that day. A definite winner for Finnair.

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