Iberia Premium Lounge Dali


6:00am to 11:00pm

Airlines Serviced

Iberia Airlines
< All Oneworld Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on OneWorld.
Business class ticket on OneWorld.
Emerald or Sapphire Status on OneWorld.
One guest of the above.

The Lounge

The entrance is horridly difficult to find when following signs in the terminal. After 4 misses, I found an escalator that got me to the entrance. So for everyone else, it's dead center of the terminal, higher floor, by the exit from security. Get to the food/shopping area, go up.

Once you make it inside, the bar is a gem. Large area of seating just for it, so many wines and drink stock.


The entire rest of the lounge around dining,

Shower Facilities

They have a lot of them, and with the constant heat in Spain, I think it's needed? But I had just come in from a leisurely flight from Italy, so I was not in the straights to require one.

Very large area, it handled the crowds well, I never felt cramped I'm in love with this bar. The wine is really good stuff, and quality harder drinks too So much area to do nothing but enjoy your drinks More regular drinks too for hydration Many Spanish dishes, which I can eat even. This was a constant area of activity There is a north food pod There is also a south food pod, both carry the same things in this quite large space


A large, comfortable, well stocked and really excellent lounge for "in EU service". Most of this quality is usually reserved for international travel. Worth the trip for sure, or even throwing down extra money for the upgrade to business class so you qualify to visit.

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