Plaza Premium Lounge Phnom Penh


8:00am to 12:00am

Airlines Serviced

Malaysia Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on Malaysia Airlines.
Business class ticket on Malaysia Airlines.
Emerald or Sapphire Status on OneWorld.
One guest of the above.
Various credit cards, entry fees, or a membership to Plaza Premium.

The Lounge

This is lounge I had already visited in 2016, but I didn't take any pictures or other things as I was kinda exhausted after working on a land dispute issue in rural Cambodia. It was about the same as I remember, on the upper floor of the international terminal at Phnom Penh airport. As was the situation last time, there was hardly anyone in the lounge, giving me exceptionally free reign.

The entrance where the gate keepers of access are Capable and stocked bar, drinks included in entrance Quite a bit of seating in the lounge, I have never seen a situation where I don't get an entire row to myself

Dining Area

The main focus of this lounge seems to be the food, and they have a large spread of options to eat. So much so that the local police come here for their "free" breakfast (It's Cambodia, things work differently here).
Juices, soft drinks, water, the standard Hot food, western and local style.  Yes, signs in English, we have apparently culturally won Breakfast noodles, a very popular breakfast around here and well, all of South East Asia
Just somehow, I don't think this works for breakfast Sticky banana rice, was surprisingly delicious

Shower Facilities

They have a few showers here. I had just left the hotel, so there was no need to utilize (and it being in an airport where connections seem... rare not sure the incoming flights need at all).
The basics, but that's about it Large shower, ok sized room, little cramped

Other Areas

They also have a full massage spa, which costs extra, but is available for those of us who have been carrying the weight of the world upon our shoulders.
There are also private rooms for full body massages.  I have still yet to do something like this


A capable and well-appointed airport lounge. Good food, decent drink, and most of all separated and quiet. I have found it very nice the couple of times I have accessed it, and it really far surpasses the main terminal, which itself is actually quite up to world standards.

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