Qantas Airlines Domestic Business Class Lounge Brisbane


One hour before each Qantas operated service until Qantas last departure (I really don't like this description but basically all day long with the number of flights)

Airlines Serviced

Qantas Airways

Access Rules

Business Class ticket domestically on Qantas.
Emerald Status on OneWorld.
Two Guests.

The Lounge

After dropping off my bags, I went to an exclusive security line for business class and high-status members. It was about the same amount of time as other ones I have seen in Australia, but, as you left security you had only one place to go, which was up the escalator right into the Qantas Lounge Precinct.

Now, the first lounge you encounter is the domestic business lounge, and it's a nice one.
Very little checking from this direction but if you came from there, you probably are guaranteed to have access

Dining Area

A fully dedicated and easily identifiable dining area in the middle of the food and bar. Some made to order things but mostly pick your buffet food.

General Area

The general seating area.

Shower Facilities

I did see an entrance to them down the way but once again I was not in need at this point as I had left my hotel at the Gold Coast not too long before.


A gem of a domestic lounge, very comfortable and pretty busy constantly. I guess this one is the place to be because I ran into The Trusted Travel Girl, and from that meeting, Valerie and I have become pretty good friends. She's been doing this much much longer than I have (well the travel blogging part for sure).

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