Qantas Airlines Domestic Business Class Lounge Sydney


One hour before each Qantas operated service until Qantas last departure (how specific eh?)

Airlines Serviced

Qantas Airways

Access Rules

Business Class ticket domestically on Qantas.
Emerald Status on OneWorld.
Two Guests.

The Lounge

I had researched these lounges before I even planned my Australia trip, and they seemed interesting and hopefully elegant, so I vaguely knew where to go as I got into the domestic side of the Sydney airport.

Located up above the departure level, and well-guarded by the entrance desk, it was still insanely busy!
No games played here!  If you have access, they are super, if you don't, off with thee

Dining Area

Basically, while there are dedicated dining areas, I think the entire place is a dining area in some fashion, definitely low key.
Way in the back, and seriously the most quiet area of the lounge Breakfast buffet, is this how all business lounges are?  (Ok, yes, they are except Qatar, I was being pompous in that statement) The menu of things that are literally right below it
Pretty standard higher end breakfast buffet, if you missed your meal, they have it here.  You will not go hungry
Ah, yes, my mocha!  The bar doesn't open until Noon.  It was a long wait And here I am, enjoying second breakfast Frodo Mmmm, tasty bottled Coke.  Major points here on this one

General Area

The general seating area
I mean, you can see how busy it is.  I was kinda shocked An older uniform for Qantas.  There is no accounting for the 80s, so just accept the blinding orange
And a spot to just sit and have your coffee or drink, very unused The big boy, a380.  Looks rather unwieldy but the service is supposed to be the best there is.  Eventually Rob will get on one

Shower Facilities

They have them, but as I had just left the hotel, I didn't need to use them.


It's a domestic lounge and ok, I'm used to the crazy luxurious international lounges. This is really a good one for local flying, even if it could use a good going over to freshen it up. An incalculable improvement over sitting out in the gate area.

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