Saphire Plaza Premium Lounge Jarkarta


3:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Airlines Serviced

Malaysia Airlines
Various Airlines

Access Rules

First or business class ticket on Malaysia Airlines.
Emerald or Sapphire Status on OneWorld while flying Malaysia Airlines.
One Guest.
Plaza Premium Lounge Pass.
$43-$86 at counter.

The Lounge

A nice lounge along the airside close to many of the gates, especially the gate I needed. Easy access, and completely removed from the noise of the airport. Also, air conditioned.
Not really a big deal, but lots of bloggers like to show you the 'fancy' items like the invitation ticket

Other Areas

Not really a big deal, but lots of bloggers like to show you the 'fancy' of items like the invitation ticket The healthy food items I'm going to say that 'Danish Chocolate' doesn't mean there what it does here Breakfast noodles station, which if you haven't tried for breakfast, give it a shot I went simple for breakfast as I had already eaten at the Ritz before heading out to the airport Yes, a real bar, but only wine in the early am The many places in the lounge The entrance area, not sure the access rules for the First area on the right there, it wasn't open Pretty large area, and not busy at all Get your custom tea and coffee made here The play area, which I wish more parents were using instead of letting their screaming minions run amok Having a chill moment before a 2 day hell of flights back to the USA


A much better lounge than was provided in 2019. Air conditioned. An actual bar and dining service at night. Connected to the Singapore Airlines lounge which is an odd entrance to get to, but not our concern as we don't have access anyways.

Showers, massage (reasonable but not bargain basement priced). Just a nice place to be away from the main waiting area for sure.
Having a chill moment before  2 days of hell flying back to the USA

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