This site is designed to show you your flight status You earn when You fly on the airlines partners, as the home airline will tell you the earn itself (and it's now usually based on cost/taxes/fees which I don't see).

This flight calculator is based on the information and rules of the home airline and designed to be a guide, not an explicit statement of earnings as things change and I don't have control of what airlines label as distances from place to place (example, the International Air Transport Association says Minneapolis to Miami is 1498 but American increased it to 1502 for upgrade cost purposes).

Current Airlines:
  • United
  • American

Starting October 18th, I have removed British Airways and Iberia from the American partners as they will never be advantageous after changes from distance to base fare price

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Where are you flying? (Enter city codes separated by a hyphen, example: Minneapolis to Chicago round trip would be MSP-ord-msp)