American Airlines First Class Sydney to Los Angeles, 2023


The Beginning

It all starts at the first class "Flagship" check-in. You then go through a special security line and end up a bit away from the first-class lounge, with all its exclusiveness and delights.

The Seat

An American Airlines first class suite. Full 6 1/2' bed conversion with inseat massage. Multiple power and sound ports.

The Cabin

The first-class cabin is at the very front of the plane, and there is no entrance for boarding near here, so the only people here are the privileged. They have 8 first class suites with 2 bathrooms that are crazy large.
There is never an empty seat in first class on AA


You get a Recliner brand recycled plastic and cotton "flight suit". They are pyjamas. Soft as a cloud though. Plus a Shinola "leatheroleum" (fake leather) bag with DS&D URGA sandalwood lotion, rose cleansing towel, sandalwood face cream, and bergamot lip cream. Plus the mask, toothbrush, socks, pen (the pen is the only outright crap item in the bag, the rest are great) for a full American welcome back to the USA.


They have juice/water/champagne pre-flight service. I had water because I was not a fan of this particular champagne (I'm super picky, and I don't like most brands everyone else does).


Hey, it's first class. Multiple courses, high end steaks and seafood. Egregiously rich deserts. One should not settle for less here.


We prepared for landing a while before our loop around Los Angeles before turning back and landing at LAX. But you think this is the end of the journey? Oh no, it continues on...

Since I used miles to book this flight to LAX, but still needed to get home to Minnesota, I had a very interesting routing. And so, it's into the Qantas first-class lounge in LAX! The best lounge in the entire USA.

It Continues

So... as I keep on jumping cities home, I connected in Dallas before the last flight to Minneapolis. Which means... more Flagship First Dining! Yes, the special dining room for those actually in first class with waiters, table service, top shelf drinks. It came to an end all too soon. Outstanding!


Very first class. A serious elevation above business, and just a cabin I love to fly in whenever I can. I will never get sick of this service.

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