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Conrad, Dubai


This was my first trip to Dubai, and I wanted to be in only 5 star hotels, and while searching around, it seemed really prudent to start with 3 days at the Conrad Dubai in the World Trade Center area.

This is truly a world trade center; many businesses and high end hotels abound. And the Conrad is a true gem among them by far.

I had arranged a car (about $80 USD) from the airport to the hotel. It is also easily reachable by the RTA train where the World Trade Center station has an exit right in front of the hotel.

The Room

After checking in at the Executive Lounge (this one is a treat, you really should book a room that includes this exclusive level of service), I was upgraded to what is called a residential suite. You could just call it a home; it's astounding! I mean, seriously this room is mind-blowing in size and amenities. A full kitchen, refrigerator, living room/dining room, connecting guestroom with a guest bath right by that entrance, and the bedroom and master bath. Just give the tour a try below to see yourself.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
The Floorplan for direct room click access on the blue spots.

Executive Lounge

Now, in Asia (yes, Dubai is in Asia, I know, it kinda throws me for a loop thinking that way myself), the Executive Lounges are quite a sight to behold, and this one is hard to describe adequately. It's half of the hotel floor, which is quite large, with breakfast, tea, evening snacks, and drink service (yes, those kinds of drinks, and yes in an Islamic country).


There is a multitude of dining options here. Ballaro, the main dining spot and where the insane breakfast buffet is (plus a lunch one!). Rhain, the outstanding steakhouse, and strangely not on the hotel's website (but this may be due to it being externally owned and managed) but I do have the menus for you, because it was delicious and maybe this will help you decide to dine there. Cave, the wine tasting room. Bliss 6, the pool deck bar and snackery outside hits the spot on a 108 degree day.

Isla, the lobby cafe for pastries and coffee. Anasa, also on the pool deck level with lots of Greek options. Kimpo, the Korean fried chicken and beer (with full bar) on the ground floor, accessible off the lobby (but if you're not looking for it, you can miss it).

Event Space

Quite a large section of the hotel on the lower floors for events, which now I'm wondering if I should bother doing these much more. They are hard to get and I'm not sure the appeal to everyone reading this. Comments on it would be helpful if I should continue or not with this area of the hotels.
Ballroom, setup for a major presentation More tightly knit boardroom style



World class amazing hotel. The service here, the executive lounge make this place a must-visit. The lounge is a must do in Rob's opinion, with all the benefits including your choice of breakfast locations and day long offerings.

I am still in awe of the suite. If you're questioning whether to get one or not, I'd say go for it!

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