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Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta


I was jumping around southeast Asia staying at JW Marriotts I had not yet documented or visited before, and since I had already been to the JW in Jakarta, I looked at the Ritz Carlton in Mega Kuningan as they also own the JW and had sent me many emails over the years with specials and offers.

The website was a bit enticing for me, which also helped cement the deal.

So, I had pre-arranged a car from Soekarno-Hatta (Jarkata International) airport for a fix rate. With the traffic in Jakarta, this is for sure the way to go. It took 2 hours to get 26 miles, and yes, quite horrible waits.

I finally get to the hotel, and let me tell you, I was in a mood. I just went to the front desk, not the elite check-in or even the Club Lounge that I had purchased to check in. It was there I was informed that I had been upgraded to a Villa Suite (yes, you will see what that really means here). That was a great surprise and really helped me come down from my feelings of being done with it all.

The Room

An outstanding and just insane room on the pool level, actually outside of the main hotel building (hence being a villa). The "pond" in the private garden is actually a jacuzzi. Yes, outstanding.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
The Rob exclusive 360-degree room virtual tour.

The Floorplan for direct room click access.

Dining and Drinking

Two dining spaces, and 3 bars (astounding) are at your service. Also, you can order room service like I do in the middle of the night when working remote on US time.

Ritz Carlton Club

Ritz Carltons have the most astounding feature (not included, but an additional charge) called the Ritz Carlton Club. Full day service from breakfast through lunch and tea until drinks after dinner. Not a light fare but full-on meals, and something I don't know if I can live without anymore!

Hotel Amenities

This hotel is full service and then some, so of course there are many other things here for you. Gym and the pool (a highlight of the property for sure) are key, but don't pass up the cigar room!
Drinks, but with club access, not needed These are not horrible prices, but I usually want something more substantial than snack food In Asia, they really make you feel very special Nice fruit, I ate some, but again having the club, no need So these were kinda hidden above the minibar fridge. I felt a little stupid when I had called for coffee mugs and they came and showed me this area The nice restaurant for upscale dining and definitely drinking Such a bar I want to be buried in a room like this None of this is cheap The buffet restaurant, which I also had access to for breakfast, but I didn't even feel like walking into the place The nightclubby bar, which... well, was just me on a Sunday night But still a great bar Yes, you are almost there, at the top of the hotel The club service schedule Seating abounds So much of it, in 5 different rooms It still fills up quickly at night Noodles? For breakfast? Oh you wacky Asians More Western style foods (non-halal area) More of the non-pork breakfast items Pastries one of the mornings Cheeses and such, big thing in Europe Pastries another morning, including donuts Dinner, salads area Deserts, as beautiful as they are tasty (which is a lot) Fries or chips with your burger? Full dinner offerings. This was a great night, the food was immaculate Another night for dinner, tasty Asian evening Perfection chicken. So good, very tender Sushi, cheeses, crisps, cold salads Yum, and taking notes by the best seats, the window ones Poached eggs are great for those losing weight and gaining muscle Wine was on the way, but the food was so good I couldn't wait Diet, ruined The business center in the Club, for our exclusive use If you have good status, but did not get the Ritz Club, you can check in here Yeah... cardio, but there were a lot of weight items too Aerobic spots This shot was not easy to get Up to the jacuzzi bay Jacuzzi pool, all bubbly Cabanas, poolside with waitstaff With direct access to the pool So serene and huge The Spa, for your massage needs At the spa, I just thought it looked pretty This is a not trivial amount of money Massive lobby, and all those floors are event spaces Really tall hotel and Ritz apartments" Entrance back to the hotel from my villa area This would have been the main shot if the damn truck hadn't literally just parked there that second


Ritz Carltons, what more can be said that hasn't been said? They are the top of the heap for luxury brands worldwide. Synonymous with extravagance and elegance, comfortable and beautiful everywhere you look or rest your backside.

Get the Ritz Club. You will not regret it, and it helps complete your holistic experience here.

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