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Conrad Indianapolis

Now that work has told me I can basically digitally nomad from anywhere in the world except an Iranian prison, and flights have been coming to a more palatable price range, I booked a flight to Indianapolis (in my great home state of Indiana) to talk and drink with friends I have not seen for a while.

Looking around at rooms, the best rate group I found was strangely at a luxury hotel, the Conrad directly downtown.


I flew into IND (Indianapolis International Airport) and got a Lyft to the hotel. It was a quick 19 minute ride and well, Indiana isn't the most picturesque scenery; a lot of the places are super flat.

I get to the hotel and I quickly noticed there is a lot of art, like everywhere. And it's not crap at all but real originals from people you've heard of. Warhol, Picasso... yeah that good.
That chandelier!

The Room

Hilton's rules on upgrades are not as generous as Marriott's, and also I believe the suites were mostly taken anyways by a convention. Instead I got a top floor superior room, which was really large and comfortable with a crazy big bathroom.
Nice couch, lots of sense of space, because well, there was a lot of space Coffee, and glasses for whatever you are drinking also here
These ended up being very nice products I never use the tub in crazy rooms like this; I should change that one of these days
Pretty competitive in size with the other rooms on the 18th floor It's Indianapolis, there isn't really a ton of things to see other than the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial (on opposite side of hotel from my room though)

The Restaurant

The hotel restaurant is actually the Capital Grille next door and they serve breakfast for the hotel there. It's the only one in the world that serves breakfast.
Not a huge menu, but the deconstructed breakfast sandwich, that was a winner for sure There is also a wine tasting bar attached which looks like so so much trouble as you just charge up your card and go tap on stations to get pours into your glass


A substantial gym, and it's right next to a large and long pool with a side whirlpool. The size of the pool is really good for an indoor one.
Large, functional, many different machines Big big pool, some middle eastern richer guy's trophy wife was here later so it wasn't a good idea for Rob to take that picture I turned it on, then I couldn't turn it off! (found out later it's on a timer)
A full-service spa also on the facilities floor.  I find these services pricey and I don't really like people touching me much so I have rarely ever gone
The hotel has a lot of its own convention space, and the art theme continues throughout, down hallways, hidden around corners. It was really cool getting recommendations from the manager Rene where things might be found.

The Art

So as I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of art in this place, and a gallery. Most are from the private collection of the owner of the hotel; she lives in the Conrad Residences next to the hotel.
Warhols Wine art, you can buy this This jumped out to me, there was another one by the artist just a bit down the hallway
Gallery pieces being prepared for a show Even art in the elevator lobbies The hotel entrance to the gallery, ask for a tour at the front desk


A true luxury hotel, with service at the level of the brand and its competitors (in my eyes, this is mainly the JW Marriott chain). I was exceptionally impressed and very comfortable here.

Very quality bath products and a quiet room that felt really exclusive and secluded.
While not an old building, it has old building feels

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