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Hilton Lake Como, Italy


I was taking a trip through central and southern Europe to gauge where I wanted to take a longer visit in the future. I had already decided I was flying into Milan and was looking for a nice place to stay somewhat nearby. I was really surprised to see such great rates at the Hilton Lake Como as it's a really high end property, but it was just after season had ended so I got a deal taking a gamble on the weather.

I took the train from Malpensa Airport to Milan Central, wasted some time in the city looking around and then boarded my connecting train to Como. It was a super nice ride on the way north as they used a Swiss Rail train that eventually goes to Zurich. My stop was the first on the route, so I barely had time to get to know some of the other passengers in first class during the limited time I was on the train (It's hardly more expensive to book first on the train, and the cars are much nicer). Before I knew it, I was at my destination and heading to the taxi stand.

The hotel is a former silk factory, and the front part has a great vintage look, while the rest added to the back is astounding clean and modern.

The Room

Well as most of you who follow me (the 7 of you) already know, Rob books the cheapest large-bed room, and then rolls the dice for upgrades. I was upgraded to a King Deluxe with a Balcony (I'm not sure what made it deluxe but the balcony was kinda cool).
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, so scroll spin, zoom in and out at your leisure.

The Floorplan for direct room click access.

Dining and Drinking

Two restaurants (one of them with a bar) are open and in service at this time of year. Satin is only open for breakfast, Terazza is... well, it's lunch and dinner and drinks and the food is impeccable, delicious (a tad up there in price scale for which I included the menu) but oh so satisfying.

Hotel Amenities

This hotel is full service and then some, so of course there are many other things here for you. Gym and the pool (a highlight of the property for sure) are key, but don't pass up the cigar room!


This is so much more than I expected to find at a Hilton branded property. It really feels a bit like a resort with the location and the luxury in the hotel. Terazza is destination dining for the town it seems, and the food warrants it.

There is no lounge, so I don't really feel you need to get a better room unless you're trying to impress someone, which then, I'm all for it!

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