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Hilton Strasbourg France

Jumping from place to place around Europe, I saw that the oldest casino in the world, the Baden-Baden Casino, was not far from Zurich, so I started looking at options to go. The train service stops at 10:40pm to the town and the hotels there were pretty pricey, so I had to figure a place that was drivable but also reasonable. I came across the Hilton Strasbourg, that was well within reach.

Within spitting distance of the European Union headquarters, and very close to the medieval section of Strasbourg, it ended up being a delightful find.


I had originally planned to take the train from Lake Como to Strasbourg, but a landslide wiped out the track between France and Italy and their systems didn't deal with "non direct routes" well (or really at all) when I tried to book around it. So, it was a plane, making me wake up at 5 am for a run to the train station (which I ended up going to the wrong one and with a single taxi working that hour... ugh.) so I could get back to Malpensa airport then... get this. I ended up flying from Milan to Madrid then back to Strasbourg. I can't make this stuff up.

I get to the Strasbourg airport as the sun is setting and I had to go through passport control again, inside the Shengen area... the hell France, the hell. Anyways got my bags, went to the taxi stand, had to re-adjust my head from Spanish to French and was whisked away about 1.5 times the speed limit to the Hilton, which ended up being only 15 minutes away, outstanding!

The Room

As I check in, I had 2 different reservations that had been upgraded differently. Well, I was able to merge them, and overall get a better upgrade to the Global Suite (It's a junior suite, but it has a jacuzzi! and a view of the city center). It's a pretty big room for just me, it functioned very well.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
The Floorplan for direct room click access on the blue spots.

Executive Lounge

This Hilton has an Executive Lounge, and that means food and drink in an exclusive setting for Mr. Diamond Rob.


So, we have a restaurant, the H! Brasserie (breakfast is here) and the H! Bar, but with lounge access I didn't need that one it on this trip. In the summer the bar extends to the outside also.


Now we have a functional and intimate gym, but also a sauna, which I didn't know was a French thing. Maybe it's because of the EU HQ so close by.


A hotel that was more than I expected. The lounge while small, was quiet and not many people in there at all. Free drinks, snacks, and then breakfast at the H! is included in lounge access.

Really close to the tram station that will take you into the medieval section or onwards to the train station. You can get to the hotel via train, but it will never be as fast as my taxi was.

Go ahead and get the lounge access room, it provides enough benefits for you and your travel mate (or just you if you're like me and solo all the time).

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