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The Gantry London

I was in London for a bit to meet my good friend Tim, and as is my usual practice, I picked a few spots to stay for a few days each. The Gantry was one I had been looking at since it opened in 2022. Finally rates and timings of my visits aligned to my benefit.


I took the train in from the country to Waterloo station, then onto the tube for a run out to Stratford, followed by the DLR automated line to Stratford International before exiting a block from the hotel. That worked out so well for my needs, and especially for my back moving my bags around myself.

The Room

As I checked in, I worked with the front desk a bit and got upgraded to a suite for my entire stay on the highest floor. Definitely a win!.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
The Floorplan for direct room click access on the blue spots.


There are a few places here, Grappelli which is a food hall on the bottom floor, Coupe Bar for champagne, Union Social which is the regular dining and also has a nice bar, and the crowning feature, STK Steakhouse on the roof.


Quite a small gym, and since it was the weekend, I didn't utilize it.
2nd biggest room on the top floor of rooms, zero complaints Made out of wood? Interesting Binoculars in the room, for the views of London Quite a view, and so much construction around Grown Alchemist, never heard of it before but was tempted to steal it all, so nice and aromatic Coffee counter, I didn't have any here, the stuff in my room was pretty good Market portion of Grapelli Food Hall Much more of the market Coupe, for your champagne and bougie needs Ok, I see some tequila back there too, but Rob and that do not get along Main seating of Union Social, not crowded up at all and in the summer the balcony is open outside Corner room seating at Union, most people were sitting here Very well stocked bar at Union Social Breakfast buffet, the reason for living" Pretty much what one would come to expect at a European Hilton buffet All the breads Cereal and fruit in a pantry style layout STK, steak house of amazing things, part night club on the weekends, all steakhouse Tons of seating and 2 bars because one cannot have an abundance of libations The main bar with many beyond topshelf offerings And of course dinner, which was so insanely delicious from long aging Cardio, cardio, cardio And some weights, a lot of weights


Outstanding hotel, as a Curio Collection, it was the kind of elegance but also uniqueness I love from these properties. The suite was absolutely gorgeous and exceptionally comfortable, an upgrade to remember.

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