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Hilton Rosemont O'Hare

I was coming back from the JW Marriott in downtown Chicago to fly home and there was some snow. In this time period, we apparently just cancel flights, and I needed to find a place to stay for the night. I had initially looked at the Hilton at the airport itself, but I guess they saw cancelations coming and rates were upped to around $300 a night. Not something I was interested in paying, so I looked around and found the Hilton Rosemont that offered a twice hourly shuttle from the airport and in my $100 or so a night targeted budget.


I was in the Admirals club in Chicago O'Hare when I got my cancellation notification, so I looked up rooms, and walked out of security to the shuttle bus station in the parking facility (there is a tunnel to get there from the airport). The wait was about 20 minutes, I must have just missed the shuttle previously. It was a 10 minute ride over to the hotel.
Wait to check in, for the shuttle or your friend coming down for the bar

The Room

It's a business hotel, and I don't know if they didn't like the rate I had or they were actually sold out, but they said there were no upgrades available. Also, they don't have an executive lounge, which is starting to make me wonder the direction of Hilton as it's not the first I have seen this at.
I mean, when I envision a regular room, this is pretty much exactly it Lots of the same here and a bigger room that I didn't get, and was I salty?  Of course I was, but I survived
A sadly kinda typically tight bathroom 1990 called and well, they were in the room next to me

The Restaurant

Liberty Cafe, the hotel restaurant and bar, full service, pretty standard American hotel items. I did get wings, but of course. If they are offered, I will make the sacrifice to tell everyone how they are.
This was well staffed, stocked and pretty busy all night as the snow fell outside Fast, fresh and tasty.  Presentation was top notch too
There is a pantry where you can buy snacks and things, which I like in a full service hotel plus a Starbucks if you like drinking dirt.
Ramen, soda, candy, condoms?  Ok sure why not? (Before you ask, no, Rob does not get that lucky)


They have a gym with two rooms and a pool in the top floor area, which was like are you serious? That's a brave bold move Hilton!
Kinda cool and kinda weird to have a pool on the very top floor.  Big pool too, kids would not be unhappy
It's a convention hotel, so there are lots of convention rooms.
From your wedding to your quarterly announcements, they seem to have a room for any and all of it and then more


An almost holotype of a business hotel, it's exactly that. A frozen look into the heyday of flying everyone to a location to meet, but, it's still comfortable with good food and drink and not a crazy amount of airport noise. With the connectivity via shuttle and the rates being really good, this hotel does definitely do the job for my horribly frequent overnight stays due to cancelled flights.

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