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JW Marriott, Atlanta

I have a bunch of gamer friends from the deep south and we have played online together for like a decade but. Until this point we had never actually met, and they were going to Atlanta for a concert. I found could fly there pretty cheaply and found that the JW Marriott in Buckhead was quite affordable.

I had stayed here before back in 2016, and there was a major redo since then, so I was kinda excited to stay again with plans to post about the property this time.


I grabbed my bags at the airport and jumped on the Marta Gold (Doraville) Line up to the Lenox stop, which is literally across the street from the JW's entrance.
What an astounding lobby seating area to wait for your room or your car

The Room

I was upgraded to a deluxe king (a larger room, bay window looking towards the city, extra open space, crazy big bathroom).
It's got a lot of space for sure Kinda still dig that my name shows on the TV.  The vodka looks good there, doesn't it?
Ahh, Aromatherapy!
They have the new 'Balance' line of Aromatherapy products.  I am a bit fond of the ylang ylang style myself even though this is quite good Well as you can see, it's larger than most.  Those ones at the end are a combo of two rooms and not sure how they are laid out
And a bonus - you want to know what the Presidential Suite used to look like? Well, I found my pictures in my old archives so let's enjoy historical spoiling!
The entry foyer, where you put arrival drinks for your guests Living area 1 and dining room, where you entertain those guests Living area 2 and the desk, yes, the immensity of this room is becoming apparent
The bedroom before I ruined it by letting my luggage explode The service bar The functional fireplace and one of the 3 or 4 TVs in the room
Long shot from the dining table towards the bathroom The bathroom with two vanities, a tub and shower. Well, and that's the main bathroom; there is also a guest one by the kitchen

Executive Lounge

This hotel has always had a killer Executive lounge and I swear, it's gotten even better post Covid! They don't have breakfast service back up yet, but they do have the appetizer service on business nights, which I really love. It's seriously my favorite aspect of JW Lounges, and they really do a superb job here on it.
Lots of space, and I never saw more than 5 people total during my stay Evening wine, compliments of the General Manager that particular evening
Overall a nice spread with many options Wine you can purchase 24/7 with your room key


Not a linear shaped gym, quite a few different machines, heavy focus on cardio though Excellent lap length pool, warm water, super clean
A sauna!  That's not a usual feature and I am still smiling about it Just an over-the-top locker room, and it's serviced so often.  Never once did I see it messy in there
The main event floor, which is the length of the entire hotel.  They had just finished an event and Rob wasn't able to sneak in and photo any of the big rooms as they were super on the ball with keeping it secured Should you forget things, or are just a little hungry or thirsty, this is your spot.  So much nicer than a soda and snack machine in the ice room


The Preserve is the Bar and Restaurant. Seating is all over the bar area and in the morning a buffet room is also open. Very comfortable and the list of dishes you can order is pretty expansive.
Super busy from dinner time to mid-evening The buffet area, well lit, uncrowded table seating, easy to take your time and get yourself motivated for the day Ahh the buffet!  Yes, fairly standard egg, meats and bread/fruit offerings, chef special can be quite a treat depending on what is made that day
Or the JW Market with Starbucks coffee (not Rob's groove, but some people like it) and breakfast/lunch sandwiches, pastries, some snacky things.  This was really the spot people were frequenting before they made their way out The ala carte items available for breakfast.  The pancakes were top notch


Luxury property for sure. Nicely appointed rooms, the lobby and event spaces are just so elegant. The lounge, wow, just amazing. #4 of the ones I have been to in the USA (which is a very long list so this is a great ranking). The gym and pool, are so far above expectations.

Oh, did I mention it's directly attached to the Lenox Mall, a fantastic super upscale shopping experience? I didn't? Well, now you know. Such convenience.

Tips: Well, rooms facing any direction has a good view, the city or the mountains. Lounge access? If you're staying during the week, yes, go for an executive room to get it. On the weekends? Only if you're addicted to them like I am.
Lovely items that are benefits at this hotel, like free water and cheaper drinks at the Lounge, turndown service chocolates (dark and milk, marriages saved by this?)

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