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JW Marriott Auckland


I landed at Auckland International Airport kinda late at night, and while dragging around 160lbs (80 kilos) of bags, I didn't feel the desire to fight on buses with that, so I just took a cab downtown (or as they call it here, CBD, Central Business District) to the JW Marriott in Auckland.

I got to the hotel and checked in, and was ready to call it a night but... well, I had to work US hours. So anyway, up to my room I went.
The upper floors are residences

The Rooms

So the first night I was in a kinda regular King room, but on the top floor. Well, I enquired at the front desk and was able to get a suite for the remaining 3 nights of my stay. (Oh yeah, take that Hilton!)
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, I feel this will give you much more of an impression of what the room was actually like than a few still shots. This will be my standard going forward. No, it wasn't easy, but hey, you guys are worth it.

The Floorplan allows you to click directly to the rooms in question, go ahead, try it!
Super unassuming, I was stunned when I entered This resulted from a flippant remark to an individual from the hotel in the morning where I said 'I could use a drink' and he waited for me to return and I found out the gentleman is in charge of all guest interactions
I kept getting plied with gifts, a benefit of my status and making a relationship with the managers Actually quite a large room encompassing both sides and the end of the hotel


So, one bar, one restaurant, but this is not a limitation here. The bar is really swank and well-staffed (Alex was astounding). The restaurant, well, the breakfast is a mind-blowing buffet with the chefs working it directly behind the counter for your custom eggs and even what you might like in the next day to be available (hint, ask for french toast).
Excellent bar, strangely I don't associate Hyundai with happy hour (I had consulted for them in California before) Omg, so tasty, they have a great home-grown beef industy in New Zealand All the drinking and dining and actually common space seating
All the things! Yum and Vitamin C
Tasty Pastries Custom omelet, which was just wow Super fancy coffee


With a fully outfitted gym and a quite large indoor pool, well, plus event spaces that are quite spacious.
Everything I needed was here, great gym Nice long laps available, warm water I think this is for hanging out (usually I see this when there is bar service but that isn't available in this spot)
Muscle relaxation and hot water
Oh right, the event spaces, this is pretty good and enough for a larger convention.
Nice little understated between event space And a projector?  Yeah, you can make a statement to those attending in this room My kinda large room, ready for a great get together or a party?


There are places in the world where service still matters, and this is one of them. In laid back New Zealand, the luxury of this place does stand out and it's exceptionally welcome.

They were completely overboard on taking care of me and I can tell you, it's been 3 years since service has been this good. You should stay here, there are no questions about it.


Eric - 2023-06-01
Why you have > 120 pounds of gear?!!

Rob - 2023-06-01 From the Real Rob
Well, all my camera gear, including the new stuff to do virtual tours, my video filming stuff, and then my 1 liter of greygoose, and 2 weeks of clothes plus tourist items acquired

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