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JW Marriott, Dubai

Being in Dubai, I of course needed to check out the JW Marriott Marquis to continue on my path for world completion.

In what is called "downtown", a huge 1,600 room destination hotel sits along the canal. I couldn't wait!


I had just finished my stay at the Waldorf Astoria, and was looking for an option to get to the JW Marriott, and while requesting a taxi I was able to get a private car for 60AED (which is about $16.50). A very pleasant ride in a brand new Lexus to my hotel.

There are not a lot of what you would call "direct roads" that have low traffic in Dubai. Actually traffic here is insane, backing up 12 lane highways as far as the eye can see, so a fixed price ride is really ideal.

Given the time of day, local roads wouldn't work, but the highway did, so we had to backtrack a little and then flew quite rapidly down the road to the exit only 1 block from the JW Marriott.

Well, then, I was there!
So many desks for the incredible amount of traffic on check-in.  Get the lounge, and check-in faster there (also quieter)

The Room

Given it was a JW, I was able to check in at the Executive Lounge. A very pleasant affair where I was notified I had been upgraded to an Executive Corner suite, an extremely large room for just myself.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
The Floorplan for direct room click access on the blue spots.

Executive Lounge

JW Marriott Executive Lounges have a legendary reputation in the East, and this one is probably why. It encompasses an entire floor in one of the towers, plus has kitchens on the floor below it to service the offerings.
A complete and full breakfast buffet, a ridiculous evening "snacks" service, afternoon tea, and oh, yes, and an open bar in the evening.


They have 15 establishments here, and I wasn't staying nearly long enough to sample even a good portion of them, but I did get to a couple, including the all-important Kitchen6 (which covers the entire width of the main property, aka, like 8,000 square feet) for breakfast.


Lots of things here, huge gym, massive pool area,


I'm at a loss for hyperbole for this hotel. The JW Marriott is so far over the top, with such amazing facilities and amenities. Dining for almost an infinite number of stays based solely on locations available, let alone the individual menu offerings.

I believe the Executive Lounge is a must here for a life goals experience. The benefits of the lounge or access to Kitchen 6 for breakfast if you choose are worth a lot more than the cost.

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