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JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort


I landed at a pretty decent hour at the Brisbane airport, and had planned on taking the train down, connecting, etc. Well the train from the airport goes all the way to the Gold Coast tramway (which had a stop 1/2 block from the hotel). I did that, and it still wasn't a super quick trip. The trip back from the JW Marriott Gold Coast was an unmitigated nightmare with all the closings on the trains. But, well, I did arrive at an acceptable hour, went to my room and spent the next couple hours doing the shots and videos and everything else before I destroyed it with all of my bags and such.
Yeah, this was a long way from the airport

The Suite

Starting out at the JW Marriott right into a junior suite, which was a little crazy awesome.
Virtual room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough.

The Floorplan allows you to click directly to the rooms in question.


A couple of restaurants, several bars, definitely a resort. I tried a few but only being there 2 days, you should probably have 5.

First we'll do the mind blowing breakfast buffet at Citrique, the main restaurant on the grounds and so much space I was never bothered.
Then I had dinner at Misono, the teppanyaki and sushi bar. I went for the sushi bar this time and didn't go back to the 20+ teppanyaki spots (but I did go to the bar!).
Then there was the primary lobby bar, Chapter and Verse. Indoors and outdoors.
Lots of drinks, I dunno it felt too casual for me at the time I was going by The outside portion, which was crazy busy at night


Since unfortunately the spa floor was closed (where the insane gym is) things were moved to the 3rd floor and a functional gym was put in place. This seems to be a really significant convention hotel, with a huge amount of spaces.

The Pools

Now usually everyone would be expecting the summary and wrap-up at this point, but oh no, it's a resort, so there are plenty of pools and and sun activity space outside. Me being so fat, and really so busy, I didn't even get to go.


Very family oriented, which is odd at times for a mostly solo traveler like myself. Amazing rooms, location, food, view (omg that view huh?). She's not a cheap place to stay, but she is incredibly nice. If you have the family, I'd say go, there isn't really a reason to leave once you arrive.

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