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JW Marriott Indianapolis

My daughter had noticed that the Indianapolis Children's Museum (the largest in the world) had an interactive Minecraft exhibit, and wanted to go to it. I readily agreed, being a Hoosier, and seeing the JW Marriott in Indianapolis which is one I had not yet visited. It was a perfect alignment of another hotel and a couple of trip posts.


We landed at IND International, and it took like an hour to get our bags (for real it was crazy). Then I grabbed a taxi, and we were off to the hotel, which is pretty close to the airport, like all of downtown is. Got in pretty late, and it was off to the room and waiting until daylight and the room had been serviced before I took the pictures.

The Room

I was able to finagle a corner double queen room upgrade, which is a great room with lots of space, as all the suites were taken with 3, yes three freaking weddings (this place is lousy with weddings).
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, for a more immersive and detailed room impression.
Well, biggest room on the floor, so can't be all bad? The new standard Aromatherapy.  I'm not super keen on the scents now vs. the old ylang ylang

Executive Lounge

On the top floor, in the center of the hotel, is the Executive Lounge, with full service even on weekends (this is pretty rare in the USA).
Huge lounge, but it's also a huge property, so this can be pretty busy Evening service Evening hot snacks
Desserts! Nice bar, you have to pay in USA, but it's a lot cheaper than at the other bars Decent buffet type food, nothing super special, but hits all the basic marks for anyone (except my daughter...)
Being 30 something stories up gives you a good view of the city


So three bars, 2 restaurants, this has a good number of options, even for my picky daughter. As in, I found something she would actually eat.
Main lobby bar, always, and I mean, always, busy when it's open Bar seating, used as community space a lot The sports bar, which is super large
Also very busy, this is a locals spot too As you can see, so much space in here, and a lot of tvs
The fancy Italian place that I will visit on my next trip here


The property has a fully outfitted gym and a quite large indoor pool, plus event spaces that are quite spacious.
Cardio, cardio, cardio But tons of more machines and lots of weights, a ridiculously set up gym Pilates space
I don't know what this area of the gym is for If you need something outside of regular operating hours and don't have lounge access, here you go Ice machines, all in one place.  I've never seen anything like this before
There's a huge event center, connected to the massive Indianapolis Convention Center, so it seems something is always going on.
The ballroom, my daughter had her first experience traveling with me when I blog and was like 'Dad, there are people over there!!!' Larger room, pre-event space or other
Ah the little meeting room where I plan my conquest of the planet Yeah... Starbucks is everywhere, even in the events area on the second level


JW Marriotts in the USA can be hit or miss, and from other visits to Indy, I was told it wasn't all that. Well, they were wrong, this is totally a JW, and weekend lounge? Come on, this is a great property and totally has the JW vibe.

I guess a tip is just buy a suite, I can't get upgraded myself and that's a tough one. The lounge I would say is a choice matter, if you have someone with you who isn't on the same itinerary, I would spring for it.

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