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JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

I was doing a run through Asia to get to JW Marriotts I had not visited before and even to blog ones I had been at before that I never thought to do that at the time. The JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur was one I have stayed at 12 or more times, and only had around 9 pictures for, mostly of rooms.


I took the train to KL Sentral (the Kuala Lumpur airport is really far away) then the subway to about 2 blocks from the hotel. It's a journey for sure, but I was not going pay a ridiculous cab fare and fight traffic when this way ends up being around 40 minutes usually.

The Room

Well, it was the first time since 2016 I wasn't upgraded to even a Jr. Suite here, when I finally am ready to take pictures of everything. Guess that's a loss for them then and will be how people see the hotel through this post.

I did get an "upgrade". Same base room, just top floor. I'm not really calling that an upgrade though, it's really the same room class in my books.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, for a more immersive and detailed room impression.

Executive Lounge

On the 2nd floor (there are many 1/2 floors and mezzanines) is the huge hotel executive lounge that takes up the entire front of the property. This is a big improvement over what it was when I first stayed here, doubling in size.


The hotel owns the connected mall also, so they have the entire bottom floor of it for dining plus the Michelin Starred Chinese restaurant, Shanghai on the first floor (I highly recommend). The dining court has Shook, a buffet style with what seems like endless options (and included for breakfast if you have executive lounge), the Luk Yu tea house, more Chinese style food. There's also Alchemy, a restaurant but mainly a really nice looking bar, and the Pool Bar (which will be in the pool section).


A gym, a spa (this didn't seem open or advertised? I'm not sure!!! CHECK!) The pool, which is just amazing. Tons of wedding spaces that as I discussed previously I'm not really photographing anymore because nobody seems to care.
Depressing, usually I get the ones by the curved section, which are quite nice suites Well, at least I was welcomed here Not a bad welcome gift over and above what is required. These paid off at midnight Lunch at 1am! I took a chance on something new and it was really good Bland appearing doors with keycard locked access with delights hidden behind So much seating, which believe it or not, gets taken up during dinner time Main dining area for the dining, nice mix between a restaurant and living room More of the dining area Surprisingly usually the most taken spot, I had to come really late to get it empty A full amazing breakfast All your standards you come to expect Options available that make a buffet jealous And on the other side a much longer light service of breakfast/lunchy Then also quite a dinner service, which is beyond 'canapes' that are advertised So much sushi, and cute orange bears up top Premade Malaysian sandwiches, called Roti John Plus some beef redang to the side which is amazing Roti John being prepared Well covered for complementary drinks Omlette and potatoes, I was not super hungry working opposite hours (this was equal to dinner) but this was good and filling A smattering of things for my dinner which was actually my breakfast (yes, I am insane digital nomading). The wine did make it difficult to remain awake but was worth it! Shanghai. Elegant, upscale Chinese food Great for a date, they will be impressed This was so good, and I am crazy picky The passage between the lower level of the hotel and the food level in the mall Snook, the breakfast crazy buffet More Malaysian specialities 20+ food stations, your only problem will be deciding Spicey Asian soups that are more like curries Salad for breakfast? What would behoove someone to do that? Lots of hot options Tastries (tasty pastries) It was the weekend, I was hungrier and ready for the day Such a pretty bar, sadly I was working every night I was here so I couldn't enjoy Another Chinese venue, and yes, 13 year old me giggled at the name Not all cardio! A full featured gym, I didn't have to compromise Large pool, very well used Drinks and swimming? I know a lot of horror movies start that way, but I'm game So a long running joke with my friends since I started coming here And it continued for years, but now... they moved and I can't laugh at the sign! Where your limo drops you off 27 floors of hotel


An amazing hotel I have been staying at for 7 years. It's a great situation for my flying pattern in and out of Kuala Lumpur, with an outstanding executive lounge that keeps me well taken care of. Quiet elegant hotel that has really reasonable rates for Westerners.

As I have said a few times before, get a room with Executive Lounge access; this lounge is world class top notch. The added bennies (including free drink) are well worth it in my opinion, and at this point, I think I would know.

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