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JW Marriott Medan

Traversing through Asia to get more JW Marriotts (I know, I need help), I saw the least expensive one in the world in Medan, a very short flight from Kuala Lumpur. So off I went for 3 days at the JW Medan which initially was intended to be a bit of a tourist trip but air pollution wasn't kind,


Initially at the Medan airport I had planned on taking the train which ended up only 2 blocks from the hotel. The trains were fully booked for a while, so I just sucked it up and got a cab for the 1+ hour drive (traffic here is beyond insane). Eventually, as night started to fall, we got to the hotel, and past the initial car security checks for explosives and weapons and I was here!.

Then the next set of checks through metal detectors and x-rays to get into the hotel itself. If you are not historically very aware, there have been some incidents in Indonesia against Marriotts. Anyways, this is something I have come to accept while traveling various parts of the world. When I finally entered, I was impressed by the grandeur of the lobby spaces.

The Room

I was upgraded to a corner, much larger king room, not a suite. I didn't really ask for more this time, but I have found that if you do ask a bit more, things can sometimes appear for you. I was really high up (2nd floor from the top) so the view of the city was pretty cool, and it is quite a sprawling, if unplanned, city.

The room is actually really spacious and the bathroom also. I didn't think it was bad at all for the crazy cheap rate you can find here.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, for a more immersive and detailed room impression.

Executive Lounge

The lounge is very large, lots of open space, not something I have seen in an Exec Lounge before. Food service was great at night, it's not open for breakfast as you get the insane buffet downstairs. The drinks were... well, very weak offerings in the evening.


Now the dining is where this hotel just shines. So many places and such over the top food. Sumatran cuisine is pretty good on its own but they bring it up to an 11 at the Marriott Cafe here in addition to the mind blowing buffet. Plus Jade the Chinese, Prime Steak and a night club? The Lounge Bar? Wonderful places to eat for days.


A huge huge gym, a spa which I actually used!! The pool, which is so beautiful it's used as a primary hotel shot. Lots of event space (3 floors) that I now ignore due to general disinterest of my readers (you guys!).
There are a couple suites on the floor, one I saw was setup by a group for a sales presentation to the wives of rich local officials Love me a good welcome note Outstanding gifts from the manager Later opening hours than most Big and really really open, which I think put me off a tad Super open, never even close to full in here either Local dishes, little Euro too Lighter options Decent cheese for sure The desserts were quite outstanding though Many many options of sweets Cold cuts, being kept cold. Hey, we're almost on the equator here Ice cream, and as usual at a JW you bet I had some for breakfast Coolest pancakes I have ever seen (yes, they were also delicious) The waffles and more pancakes Pastries, with donuts, as I continued my unhealthy trend Coffee, juices and smoothie bar Western flavors, primarily English This was... a risk I couldn't take for breakfast, probably was good though More western dishes, just wait, the really good stuff is coming Curries and traditional foods Now this, the one on the left, Rendang, the most insanely spicey delicious food I can recall (and it's only this way on Sumatra), nose dripping spicy and I couldn't get enough of it More traditional food And more! Many liquid based things in this culture I don't even know what it is! And very important for one's digestive continuance, the fresh fruit Salad for breakfast still breaks my brain Beef Rendang, rice, and something else I forgot Mocha, and a mint smoothy that really wasn't my type of thing And Bubar recommended by the hotel's overall food manager (great guy!). Had coconut flavors so I couldn't but you see more rendang in this shot! I never made it to Jade due to all the other spots Ahhh, now totally my groove! Prime steak and the lower night club See the food being made A sampling of the menu at Prime Very elegant seating The chef's appetizer Mmmm, the exceptionally tasty steak The lobby bar, The Lounge Cuban cigars available (the tax here is a bit) I spent a couple nights here, the bar manager and I got along famously Here is where you can use those cigars. A popular place to show off your wealth in the evenings This gym is super large. So well equipped they sell memberships Every machine and many racks of weights Stairs and bikes, of course But this is a less than 25% cardio gym. One that speaks to me, it's been a while This pool, I swear. The serenity here, and the water temp was divine The spa with amazing shoulder massages that I needed after bag lugging a week already Quite a tall building (it's in competition for tallest in the city) The just outside the main entrance details, welcoming you here


It truly is a JW Marriott inside and out. A couple items were light on the JW expectations but the price and the food and the quiet secluded rooms, I really liked this place a lot. YES, get a room with lounge access, if just for the buffet in the mornings!

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