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JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort

I was searching around for hotels and cheap flights towards cities where they aligned (hint, there was one in the USA), and found Tucson with the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort for a weekend. I just couldn't refuse the rate and a sub $300 flight.


I had rented a car because public transportation in Arizona is a mirage, and there was no shuttle. Also the resort offered free self parking so that all came together to be a decision point. Starr Pass road (I'm confused how the resort got its name...) leads into the mountains and at the very end of it is the JW Marriott. I checked in at the front, and then parked the car at the self parking area on the east end of the resort (the main lobby is central-west end).
Pretty and well-groomed main valet area The main entrance The front desk area
Interactive map of all the places in the resort.  There is a lot here and a lot to do You're here!
Highly used and refreshing, many flavors of water

The Room

A massive, comfortable, secluded suite with living room, entry way, huge bathroom, bedroom and balcony.
Entry way I love seeing my name there when I come in
Living area and desk.  I used the desk a lot, the couch a tiny bit So much room in the bedroom The balcony, overlooking the lazy river
Largest shower I have seen in quite a while Decked out with the big size of the Aromatherapy bath amenities.  The smell of these is what triggers my brain letting me know I have arrived at an exotic destination

The Restaurants

Many restaurants on the property. Primo for Italian, Signature Grill offering breakfast, lunch and heavy dinner, JW Market where you can get ice cream, drinks and such, Plunge by the pools and outdoor areas, Salud the evening patio bar and restaurant, Catalina the BBQ place at the golf clubhouse, and a Starbucks if you like bitter coffee.
I did get a drink here Quite a variable theme of food
This was very tasty, I just didn't realize there was cilantro in it and well, Rob and Cilantro don't agree Breakfast buffet!  My favorite type of food experience
First the soft food
Then the omelet And the French toast the next day
Long entrance to a long restaurant Great place to sit before your seat is ready.  Nice specials on wine here during happy hour
If you want pizza, they make it here And the open kitchen format so you can see the magic happen
This was exceptional And then... 1000 more calories of chocolate The JW Market, very much like a market/convenience store
The poolside place, I didn't go to it Salud, The bar that includes the patio, with an indoor and outdoor format combined
The nightly complimentary tequila toast to Pancho Villas.  As with Cilantro, tequila doesn't like me Evening entertainment, and I was very impressed how good this guy really was
Catalina, The BBQ establishment, in the clubhouse of the golf course Full of golf widows when I was there A delicious cold drink in 102 temps outside.  It felt wonderful

The Resort Grounds

A rather large resort with many water features and a crazy large pool area, as well as various activity areas to while away the time if you're not gambling.
I think this is where you have a wedding Games to keep you entertained, including beanbags.  Wow that game has come up from dive bars The lazy river, this is a must do in the heat
The hot tub, a nighttime busy spot for sure A cabana for privacy and dedicated service The main pool, multiple levels, very well used
If you have an event there, which I would be jealous if you do, this is where you check in Here is the drop off for the events and the spa
The enormous main ballroom Anything you might have forgotten?  It's here
A full width shot of the resort from a golf tee across the land An actual arcade!  I haven't seen this in such a long time

Other Stuff

Free headphones for your workout, a sign of a classy establishment Very well appointed, with many many machines The Yoga and Pilates wing
A waiting area for you or your instructor The 24/7 access point to the gym A lovely place to sit outside of the gym
The lap pool for the spa
The one place I never seem to use at a resort, the spa.  This one is very big with many services The pro shop at the golf course, lots of things.  Your resort fee includes free golf!
Surrounded by desert So many cacti
One of my favorite things on a large resort is the paths and ambient lighting that illuminate the property at night. The place is quite active at night also. During the summer when it's 106 during the day, nighttime around the pools is amazing.
The lazy river looks like a glowing stream of outer space The resort at night, taken as I walked through the wilderness in the dark, alone.  Yes, I sacrifice for your viewing pleasure
Very pleasing colors


I was astounded by the level of service at this hotel; it is amazing and I definitely recommend here. 700 employees around the area, running the hotel and the golf course, which they own, do a fantastic job of keeping things running smoothly.

The food is great, and so many places to eat and drink. There is no reason to leave during your entire stay. I was hard pressed to accept I was checking out at the end of the weekend and had to fly home.

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