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Marriott Chandler AZ, 2020

I was consulting for a company in Chandler, Arizona and had to go for a week of meetings. I was looking at hotels in the area, mainly the JW Marriott Camelback, but the rates were not reasonable. I did find great rates though at the Marriott Phoenix Chandler. The name is funny because that's not really Phoenix... but you know, marketing.


I landed at the Phoenix airport, which I consider an overglorified strip mall and probably my least favorite airport in the USA to fly to or through, partially to do with several very unpleasant hours stuck with Colin Farrell and the rest with really small lounges.

The Room

Well, the rate the client covered left me with this room. There are really no bigger rooms and no suites on the property. It's a business hotel, and rooms are what you'd expect from this type of property.
Pretty standard room
The view was... well, it's a desert, people!
Looking west, to the bleakness of existence

The Restaurant

Meso, the hotel restaurant, full service with wide options. I didn't get wings; I know... what's wrong with me?
Such a tease, I'd die drinking all that
The bar is ridiculously busy at night, a very popular place

The M Lounge

As this was before the pandemic turned off the lights on the world (last one out lock the door), the M lounge was still open. It was the required service and not much above that, but how it was served in a very big and interesting lounge with different areas laid out, I enjoyed it.
Extremely large lounge Cozy
Mmmmm, the buffet breakfast.  Gimme!


There is a gym and a pool. It was actually too cold for that and I'm too fat for the pool now anyways, as I don't want Greenpeace trying to push me back into the ocean. Also, on each floor they have an interesting little ice and ... I guess pantry is what you'd call it?


While it's definitely a business oriented hotel, the M lounge and the staff were amazing. It's a really excellent property, and close to a lot of businesses that have set up in Phoenix.

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