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Sheraton Miyako, Tokyo Japan 2019

I flew to Bangkok to meet up with some people I met the previous year on a trip to Thailand. My JAL flight included an overnight layover and terminal change on my connection through Tokyo, which gave me a great excuse to experience this city for the first time. As part of that, I chose the Sheraton Miyako based on its proximity to Haneda and the reasonableness of its rate, and well, the experience was greater than expected.


I took the train from Narita to the Sheraton, which is located in an upper class district of Tokyo. It took about 2 hours in total by train from Narita station to transfers to subways to walking to the hotel.

The Room

They upgraded me to the largest room the property offers, it was a nice room, if not mostly a functional layout. The bathroom had a shower, a tub, and a traditional Japanese bathing option with a faucet, bucket and brush. A large assortment of bathroom amenities, and the bedroom/balcony/office.

The Lounge

The lounge was nice, it was very big, with rooms leading to rooms. It was so busy, you had to make a reservation in it. The alcohol was fairly low end for the spirits. I didn't drink anything as it was Skyy Vodka. The dinner food was good. Breakfast was a descent spread, but I don't think they know what bacon is.

Surprise Grounds

Looking out my balcony I saw Tokyo and a significant area of trees behind the property. I found out this was a traditional Shinto garden. It was a heck of a surprise, very well maintained and incredibly serene to stroll through in the morning.


For my first time in Tokyo, the hotel was really nice. It actually is pretty decently located between two subway stations and rather close to Shinagawa train station, one of the major train stations on the Tokyo transit system. The rooms are not huge, but they are clean, nice and odor free. It's also a very quiet property in an upscale and traditional neighborhood. There are a couple of lounges for drinks, and the gardens out back were something I have not experienced before. Very enjoyable stay and a nice discovery it was ostensibly just to be close to Haneda in the morning for my connection to Thailand.

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