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Marriott Minneapolis City Center


I had wanted to spend the weekend in Minneapolis and not have to worry about driving home after going out with an old friend, and also I had remembered that the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis had some bi-level suites that looked interesting. I booked a room and threw some Marriott Suite Nights at it hoping for that particular upgrade.

Well, 3 days before the stay, I indeed did get an email letting me know I'd be staying in that room! The Marriott website does not do the room (or the hotel in general) justice, so here, I will.

The Room

3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
Floormap Main Floor
Floormap Upper Floor
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, wallowing in this suite's awesomeness.

The Floorplan for direct room click access.


Aurora is the restaurant and the bar, and it's difficult to see the delineation betwixt the two. Pretty standard Marriott fare with a couple of gems on the menu, but well, as a Titanium Lifetime member, I'm never one to neglect checking out what the M Lounge has. (I did have a drink with my lawyer friend at the bar, and it's quality).
Not to be discounted by its generic look


Ok, so it's downtown, and a swimming pool is a rare luxury that very few hotels have here. But the gym is very functional.

M Lounge

An M Lounge, the Marriott's executive lounge, which can be variant based on the property. This one is very good. The breakfast buffet is shared with the restaurant, so I was a bit indecisive where to place it, but it's going in here.
The layout of the room is not clear as the 2nd floor isn't seen here The 'This Works' brand which is actually pretty good. I had low expectations first time I saw it, but it's a nice on Not to be discounted by it's generic look Cardio crazy, but, has the things I need for that Daniel Craig type look Large public spaces in the lobby to work, wait, drink Need your sundries? And MN gear? Here ya go! Right on the lobby floor, easy to find Large lounging area The food area (yeah the lounge has some really good space) Breakfast! Shared with the restaurant. In all fairness, good for the lounge but a little light if you paid for it Yeah... I was hungover, this is the food I could handle


I love being in the energy of a city downtown, and being able to stage from, and retreat to, an exceptional room. Well, that just makes it better for me and my friends. Hell, this room could just be the party itself (I had considered it but I don't have a lot of friends).

Lounge access upgrade pick? Hmmm. Coin toss. For most, probably not really what you need to do here. Yes it's good, but it's not "absolutely required" in my opinion.

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