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Marriott Minneapolis Northwest


I was doing an thing up in St. Cloud Minnesota, and all the hotels up there were stupid expensive, and none of them were full service either. There's some kind of crazy demand as you get near cabin country here. Anyways, the search showed me the Marriott Minneapolis Northwest which not only was much cheaper, but also a full service!

I showed up and was told I had been upgraded to a presidential suite, which I acted surprised and delighted (but I had already seen the upgrade on my Marriott app, so I knew beforehand). I got the breakfast info and away I went to my room for documenting it (which took way over an hour and I wasn't even doing video!).

The Room

3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
An interactive 360-degree room tour walkthrough, I feel this will give you much more of an impression of what the room was actually like than a few still shots. This will be my standard going forward. No, it wasn't easy, but hey, you guys are worth it.

The Floorplan for direct room click access.
So I see a matching pattern room on this floor, and there are 9 floors, I'm thinking they have a few of these in the house The name 'This Works' just makes me want to prove it wrong, but... it is quite functional and pleasant


Dining and drinking! This is the spot I never take anything from Here we are, the hot goods, eggs, sausage, pancakes?  Oh yeah!
For when you really just can't decide (or your like vegan or something) A full service restaurant

Event Space

Most of this hotel seems like it is event space. Quite massive and impressive.
Room for a major conference, 2 levels of rooms The ballroom (Ok, actually 1 of 3 of them).  Weddings galore here is what I have been told When you're presenting to a larger group, and the table placement demands their attention
Smaller room for your close group of fellow conspirators


Cardio and strength training, everything I need Nice lap pool, strangely empty in here... The atrium is pretty large and open to the ceiling
Coffee and pastries, open in the mornings but not late Huge pantry, but not being super near anything like a convenience store, it makes sense Ice cream?  There goes my diet
Oooh my! They have an M Lounge and it's open!
Understated, but if you know you know Soda, coffee, snacks, quiet space on the weekends


A Marriott in my area that has all the things that I want in a Marriott. Huge upgradeable rooms, M Lounge, Bar and Food, Gym and Pool, and when I checked, very excellent rates. I might just go here for a weekend to do nothing.

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