Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

My good buddy had just graduated with his Masters in Science and wanted to celebrate. I figured I'd get the room because it was a Friday night, and there was no way anyone could drive the 55 miles home. I was working on earning Hyatt points and looked up the best rates for suites in the downtown area. By nice happenstance, that was the Hyatt.

Can Rob do a decent job on a hotel in only one day with a lot of it consumed by drinking? Well, read on to find out!


I drove up to Minneapolis on a very light traffic Friday, and had pre-purchased parking from Spot Hero at a much lower rate than the hotel charges per day. Yes, at the hotel's parking garage which is odd, but ok, I'll be happy to be onsite.

The Room

As I checked in, I was told the suite I had booked had a problem and they upgraded to the largest suite in the hotel, on the top floor. I mean, there are times one must suffer for their friends, so I sucked it up.
3D interactive room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
The Floorplan for direct room click access. The blue dots are for each room.


There is a Market and a bar/restaurant called Prairie Kitchen. The market is quite well stocked with more than I have seen in a hotel before.

Property Features

This hotel has the most stupendous gym I have ever seen, and a fairly large indoor pool.
Ok, there are a few of these massive suites with connected rooms around here. It being a massive convention hotel I guess it's justified This brand Pharmacopia was very nice Entrance with all the menus The primary seating area The main event, two sides, pretty hopping on non holiday nights Prairie Kitchen menu for breakfast Getcher coffee And man, what a market, so many things you don't have to leave here ever And all the coffee fixins because the market is too full for it in there Long entry area. Classes can meet here Free weights room Resistance machines room #1 with shoulder things I mean, I think there is a foot arch machine in here, since they obviously have every single one ever made Lift Bros room, for the serious resistance required for massive gains I have never seen a full basketball court inside, not in a school Aerobics room, virtually led it seems today Yeah, so much cardio but overall a very small percentage. Well done! The pool, not Olympic sized but it is decent enough for laps The lobby waiting area, conveniently next to the bar


This property is obviously very orientated towards conventions. They have like 30 event spaces at least. Great bar, and an insane gym.

I judge a hotel's bar by the level of Johnnie Walker they stock. They have Blue here, so this is a great bar with so many options. The suites are impressive for sure too, and just far enough off the main areas to be quiet at night.

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