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The Drake Chicago

For over 35 years, I have walked by, walked in, searched online and dreamed of staying in a more than average suite at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. As I am not reversing in age, but actually moving along it quite steadily, it was time to fulfill this dream and make a run at this hotel.
Flying into Chicago at a very early morning flight, I had arranged a car, because well, I don't travel light anymore and there isn't a good public transport option to the Gold Coast edifice that is The Drake. After a helluva traffic-packed ride from O'Hare to downtown, I arrived before 9am and well, it's a popular property so my Gold Coast suite was not ready (for reference 3pm is check in time here). I proceeded to work in the lobby and the coffee shop on the ground floor until my room was ready around 2. Then, I went up to the room and finished my day.
The drake watches over you as you enter Designed to impress and to set the mood of the hotel.  This view has always been a stunner to me
Ornate ceiling, and I don't know why only one little spot has a golden space on it Huge front desk, and during busy times it's fully staffed to expedite This staircase gets you ready to be amazed

The Room

The Gold Coast Suite, a massive room on the end of one of the wings, overlooking the Gold Coast and Lake Michigan. A very desirable view in this city.
This living room is larger than most regular rooms just by itself Such space, such a large room, I didn't come close to bumping anything in the middle of the night going to the bathroom
This colossal hot tub would have made most baths unnavigable, but here, there is still plenty of room for more than one to move around, shower, get ready, or whatever The classic and classy double vanity setup The standard Hilton offering.  The soap bars are awesome, but I find the scent of the other products a tad too perfumy for me
This room rather stands out as a huge one on the floor, and farthest from the elevator noise Not a bad view at all

Food and Drink

Three dining establishments and two bars, I don't think things are mundane here. The expectations set by guests and history keep these places polished and well serviced.
Coffee and snacks.  If you're eating breakfast in the restaurant - a tip, single coffees are cheaper here (also there are bottles of spirits available here in an emergency) The primary breakfast venue in the hotel.  Don't let the front fool you, it is really large inside Warren-like areas of seating abound
Quality & tasty, Rob's workout friendly avocado toast There is no finer place in Chicago to have tea or rare bottles of distilled spirits at the very special bar
I think any woman with a hint of class would be happy to while away a couple hours here, every day Coq D'Or (the golden rooster).  The center of the world of the Drake social hour
Outstanding bar.  My service here was exceptional even when it was packed full one evening

Event Spaces

Many event spaces scattered throughout the first few floors. Imposing, glamorous, beautiful. I just need a reason to hold an event here now.
Foyer to the Drake Room, which in itself is useable for just this space The main Drake Room, with stage.  Exceptional I must say The French Room, with its blue hues, very pleasant, and designed for dining
Well, one isn't a grand hotel without a grand ballroom, and just wow.  The dream of many a debutante in Chicago to have their wedding reception in this room There are also more normal boardroom styled areas And waiting between or before your meeting right here would make me skip the rest of the meeting!


Surprisingly large gym, shops on the arcade level (including an art gallery). You don't really have to leave the hotel, but being on the Magnificent Mile and by Oak Street stores (Chicago's Beverly Hills) you'll probably go out anyways.
Pullups and free weights!  I haven't had a lot of luck in my recent stays with those appointments
Lots of cardio in the other gym room also The former private dining club, International Club A copy of Haddon Hall in Derbyshire England, this used to be a members only dining experience, but now is an event space also.  I don't have enough friends to hold a party here for them, but it would be nice to have one anyways
Should you need gifts or  an aromatic centerpiece of flowers in your suite, or next to the bed, here you are.  Impress your date my friends A fully stocked convenience and sundries store, with a lot of Drake and Chicago memorabilia, open early and kinda late Quite an interesting placement of the ice machine.  I have never seen this before in this manner


The jewel of Chicago, astounding rooms and spaces. While she is starting to wear down, she is still an amazing property and a fair bargain on room rates at many times of the year. I am finding I have fulfilled a lifegoal in my stay in a very memorable suite.

Also, if you are going to spend time with friends, everyone in Chicago knows where to go when you tell them to 'Meet me at the Drake'.

Tips: Try to get away from the elevators, and if you can a non-Michigan Avenue facing room (unless it's the Michigan suite, then by all means). The road is intensely busy 24/7.

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