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Westin Perimeter North, Atlanta GA, 2020

I had to make a quick business trip to Atlanta, and the timing of the flights left me with the need to overnight in the area. Being that I was already far north, I decided to find a nice property north of downtown and found the the Westin Perimeter. I called the property and found they had more things open than almost any other hotel during the time period, so done deal!


I landed at Atlanta airport and went out to get my car. The drive north was pretty bad, traffic in Atlanta is notoriously horrible.

The hotel is in a business park, a sculptured 1980s style with a lake created in the middle. Honestly, I'm used to going to places like this and didn't expect too much. It's a very high end business hotel, but I was not expecting it to be as nice as it was.
The almighty front desk.
Common area seating is pretty nice And stylish as you have to wait to get to the desk

The Room

I had just prebooked the suite, the price was too good to ignore. It's a really large room, and so comfortable, I kinda wish I was staying for longer but flight was already booked the next day.
Quite large Dining area I used for a work desk
Those white tea products smell great.  My editor always complains that I have the seat up in the pictures, but that's the way the room came!
The views were not bad, I mean you're in a corporate park, but they love trees in Atlanta.
Looking north Looking southwest End of the hall, could contain 2 of the other rooms

The Restaurant

Savor, the restaurant and bar, was on the ground floor, as the lower level opens to the lake, and the lobby level to the street. It's elegant, but not a stylized "fancy" place. Doesn't feel cheap at all. Drinks were good, I had wings, but you have to wait for the wings post on those!

Also breakfast was included for Elite members so the next morning, I had my first normal-feeling dining experience in a hotel in 7 months.
Fully stocked
I took a risk with a thyme accented cocktail.  It paid off Looking up to the lobby O M G.  Real breakfast


A decent sized fitness center, with a good selection of equipment. The pool was closed as it's outdoor, fall and Covid. Event spaces were not accessible as they were shut down.

Since it's a Westin I didn't expect there to be an executive lounge, so I didn't miss it, but through the window I could see it was very large. I'll have to go back when things open up.
From my room way down to the elevator
That meant I was alone every time!
Outdoor seating and access to the business park paths were nice.
If I was in the mood, this would have been awesome
Business park cafe seating Far view of the hotel Hotel and the lake
Flowers still blooming in October, I think I might be living in the wrong state


As a business hotel, it kills it. It's almost a destination hotel, and that's saying a lot. I will return.

Here is the only rub, it is not easily reached. You should get a car, and the exits from the freeways aren't actually right by the hotel, a bit of backtracking is required. Parking costs too, so if you can get a room with parking included, do it.

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