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Westin Yokohama

I was taking a trip to stand with a friend as his brother in his wedding, and it was an interesting series of connections, including one that required me to overnight in Tokyo. I started looking for rooms and found many pretty pricey, then remembered I had a couple of free night certificates! I started looking around at options and found the Brand new Westin in Yokohama was in the range, and was easily accessible via the trains from Haneda, well. There ya go.


As I mentioned, I came into Haneda and took the train down (the Haneda express, pretty convenient) to the primary Yokohama station. From there I walked to the hotel (maps said it was half a kilometer, it didn't seem that far, it was only 3 blocks). Pretty easy and during part of my walk, I accidently walked through the Nissan world headquarters where they had many car displays, including the insane GTR.
24th floor lobby, you start already at the top

The Room

I had opted for the regular base room with a king, and was upgraded to the executive floor. (That's basically the same room but on a higher floor, kinda an upgrade, I find that marginal myself). It's a pretty straight Japanese affair, storage at the entrance, then the room inside, with a protected separate toilet room and a place to stand and shower or bucket and scrub as people from there are wont to do.
All the storage to the right, I think this is here to not interrupt the flow of the bedroom area Actually a good amount of space once you pass the entrance area Nespresso, waters, pretty common appointment
Minibar with $11 beers and others Nice airy bathroom, space for two people's stuff As mentioned, the shower and bath.  All the white tea amenities were wall mount pumps, no take home for Rob this time
In case you forgot to bring, well, basically everything The view west was of Mt. Fuji and quite astounding, basically uninterrupted from the hotel to the horizon The standard sized room of the hotel.  I'd have hoped for that suite.  I dunno what's going on worldwide with upgrades or maybe I made someone mad at the head office?
Welcome letter, I love those.  Running paths, a sleeping balm and a natural hand towel, which was quite soft

Club Lounge

It seems Westins have a lot of properties with Club Lounges, but I don't stay at them much so I have been sadly unaware of the excellence present in these. I mean I did stay at one in Los Angeles that had one, but it was a weekend and I wasn't spending much time at the hotel those days.

As is the standard for Asian extravagance and service, this lounge is really a class act. So much that it seems many locals book a room just to sit here for the evening.
People with a club access room, or status, can check into their room or out from here Biberonner gratis?  I am not one to complain here! Well, goodbye diet
Salads for the weight conscious An excellent amount of evening 'snacks' that are seriously a dinner


There are 4 dining places outside of the lounge, Iron Bay for steaks, Sugar Merchant for Diabetes (both on the top floor), Kissui-sen a very Japanese place and Brasserie du Quai for French (These are on the 3rd floor).

Also two drinking spots, the Code Bar for real drinks and the Lobby Lounge for tea and well, astounding views of the mountains.
The steak place Fully observable kitchen And the big spenders who like to impress their dates here
The Code Bar, this looks so beautiful, and NO, I did not steal the picture from the website, I took this myself, like all other pictures I do Working USA times and it's 2am and you're hungry?  Room service is a godsend


A functional gym, I found it a little sparse on some of the exercises I wanted, but my editor said from the picture it was everything she would have needed, so there ya go. I'm higher maintenance than my editor and the gym is fine. [Editor's note - that's no surprise!]
I disagree with my editor, I would like more strength machines like rowing or calf press Just outside is a gorgeous little garden in the city, this looks so serene The events floor, usually there is a door ajar here or there for Rob to sneak a peek into some of the rooms.  Not here!  Everything locked up tight
A spa, and apparently a very nice one.  I just don't do that stuff - it's not my groove, but the swimming pool is part of it and oddly an additional cost to use.  Weird Of course, as a brand new and fancy hotel in the rich suburb, weddings are a core business item for their revenue


New, fresh, gorgeous, elegant, and streamlined. Rates, both paying for it or using points, are pretty good when I checked (all things change all the time). Easy access from the train stations, a killer Club Lounge. 6 eating and drinking establishments making it over a resort level of service. This is one outstanding hotel. Not a business designed one, but just a really damn nice city center hotel.

With all the places to eat, I leave it up to you to decide if you want to get club access or not, I'm honestly torn.

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