Washington DC, 2017

Originally a couple farms and a lot of swamp, recently the disdain of the American voter. It's a monumental Capital location, with a couple hundred years of growth and building to impress.

The Arrival

I was working in DC for a government agency in 2017, and so had plenty of time to take pictures and wander over the course of my time there. One weekend, I flew my son out to see the city because he had been asking about it for years.


As the seat of power, pretty much the entire government is housed here, with many buildings housing those working for various agencies and departments and some to just say "Look, here, Big.". The city was based on a very 18th century French layout, making these areas navigable and walkable.
The Capitol as seen on Americas Most Wanted FBI Headquarters, too many things can be said The White House
Nighttime shot of the White House And you can visit your elected officials from your state I know many do not like Mr. Franken, but I do, and I was very happy to have breakfast with him one morning


Another function of the capital is to memorialize our greater leaders and heroes. Several grand monuments to them have been built over the years and they are very hard to miss.
His favorite President, this was a must for the boy
World War 2 memorial Hidden in the World War 2 memorial
My good friend Chris Holbrook.  Another monument to a hero
Merchant Marine Memorial Navy Plaza Memorial

Historical Sites

A bit of history has happened here and a lot is of that history - some 154 million items - is housed in the museum system. The Smithsonian Institution is a national treasure.
One of the multitudes of American Art Museums here Where Lincoln was shot
And where Lincoln passed away the next morning, most likely because of the advanced (horrible) treatment by his physicians Archives of all kinds of media Original Smithsonian building
View from the W hotel Union Depot, heavily used and a grand old structure


Ok, I slacked here. I'll update the post when I get more on the next trip!

D.C. is almost one big park. Things are everywhere, around every corner.
Behind the Smithsonian Castle The entire mall is basically one long park from Potomac to Capital


Washington DC is an amazing city. Pretty expensive to stay in, and areas more than a mile North or East of Downtown can be a tad risky to visit.

Cherry Blossom time (late March to mid April) is probably the best, but also the busiest time. It is the most expensive with the most going on.

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