London Bridges Walk

Apparently it's quite a thing to do, so I did it. There is an amazing tongue-in-cheek write up on the walk (but not really pictures, which is why I have this post) at this location: London Bridges Walk

It says it takes 2 and 1/2 hours. Don't you believe it. Count on 3 and 1/2. It's also around 5 miles in distance.

This particular post is not meant to be your guide to following the path, the attached link is that guide. This is intended to show you what you're going to see and get you to do it yourself.

The Arrival - Westminster Bridge

Took the underground to Westminster Tube Station and it lets you out right at the start. You follow it south across toward the London Eye, and then turn around for more views.
Another city with a large Ferris wheel on a body of water.  I sense too much of a pattern Seems like there is construction going on, but the clock is still ticking My club's building in Whitehall from the Thames side

Golden Jubilee Bridges

I trundled along the south bank a bit until the next bridge, a combined group of train and walking bridges. Take the farthest one from you as you just saw everything on the close side.
Scotland Yard can tell you the time This was actually the gate to board your boat at one time.  It's way over 100 feet from the shore now

Waterloo Bridge

Again, you want to choose the walkway on the far side and take pictures of the old city of London and various things that are visible from here now.
St. Paul's and old London from a distance; don't worry, we get closer I have no idea what this building is, just that it's called the OXO This just drew my eye, and I thought it needed to be shared
Tate Modern up close and personal (and damn big eh?)

Millennium Bridge

Skip the Blackfriars train bridge, go to the Millennium Bridge, and cross there, but then, halfway across, turn around for some amazing things.
The best shot I think I saw of St. Pauls At - or darn close to - the original location of the Globe Theatre made famous by Shakespeare (or did it make him famous?) A big view of the Tate Modern art museum
If you become ennobled, you can research the coat of arms you are going to have, here St. Paul's up close and, well, hard to take a picture of
Not totally sure the entire use, but a very cool building

Southwark Bridge

Now we head back south to Southwark, where you can see the Shard (which seems an unnecessary building to me) and some older riverside areas.
Here she be, the Shard, an office building on the south side A riverside pub, pretty old, and serving pub food which is a mandatory thing to eat when in London Not a real original jail, but an interesting site nonetheless
Remains of Winchester Palace, where powerful bishops ran roughshod over non-Catholics in the medieval times A replica of Francis Drake's flagship, The Pelican This is probably a good time for a drink and some food, and there are a number of very English options here

London Bridge

No, not falling down, but the oldest point of crossing (2,000 years and counting) of the Thames. Various incarnations, but always in the same place.
Yep, that London Bridge Nope, NOT London Bridge Another shot of The Shard
Super cool and cute little tables at the Coppa Club.  I think I will have to eat here soon This is why you always have a few pound coins or 50p coins in your pocket, a lot of the public toilets cost, 50pence
Entrance to the Tower of London fortress Apparently the only real pictures of Tower Bridge have a double decker bus on the deck Reserved for those of particular status or notoriety

Tower Bridge

I think it was a given that this bridge was going to be in the walk, and since it's a LONG ways from the next bridge down the Thames, this is a natural ending point to their little walk.
It's quite a monstrosity of iron, rivets and stone You can walk up there but I'll pass A really cool area of old warehouses now that are apartments (called flats in London)
Then, I started back to London Bridge station for the subway and a return to my hotel (I was seriously wiped out). I think London Bridge station is the closest one to the end.
A shot of basically all of old London The actual Tower of London, best visible across the river The arcade from the river to London Bridge station


This was a really cool walk and brings you by many things you normally wouldn't go near. It's long and can be draining on you, so if you need to, take frequent stops. Don't forget to hydrate (and double that if you're drinking).

I enjoyed this walk. It was worth the time and effort spent, and talk about cost friendly!

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