National Museum Zurich

The National Museum was originally built as a museum, but in the style of a French Renaissance chateau, making one think it may have been repurposed. Covering prehistory (think stone age) through basically yesterday, the Museum is a conglomeration of so many things Swiss, not completely in depth on any subject, the collection as a whole is the Swiss experience through thousands of years.

The Arrival - Zurich Hoffbahn

In the center of the old city of Zurich, just get to the train station (the HB) and walk across the street. Ease of access is better than any place I have visited, including when the subway entrance to the American Museum of Natural History is open.

The Museum - Older Stuff

The museum is designed to draw you through the geography and then the history of the area. There are some amazing interactive displays plus tons of static ones that draw you through the timeline from formation of the alps to fashion shows from the previous year. Don't worry, there is plenty of the historical stuff that old white men enjoy also.

Swiss Products

Also of note are things the Swiss have produced over the years which were desired throughout the world.

Cafe, Shop

As with any museum these days, there is a shop for related items, and to help with the museum's revenue. So Swiss, so cool. But also... there is a cafe and a complete sit-down restaurant. This seems it would be a great date venue for those that know people in the area to date.
I call this the warmup, as it feels designed to acclimate you to the place The insane terrain in this area Iron and Bronze were the tools of the day to keep one safe, or to keep someone else not so safe Of course we have the Romans as they were everywhere Lots of gold in them there hills, put to use for coins and jewelry Major copper and tin supplies, allowing Bronze to be made readily here, very important in the early days How the museum looked when first built Ahh the room stoves, my Great Great Grandfather used to do the fancy tile work for these Ornate period room, so much detailed woodwork (functional too as it insulated from the stone) Such details in the cabinetry, with indoor water even The glasswork is really good Okay, it's astoundingly good In another hall, fireplace hearadlry Jewelry was a huge export, and these ring pictures I did in a walking panorama, very difficult shots with Swiss patrons giving me dirty looks Fine china in many styles produced over the centuries Even childrens clothing with a shadow image of an old white ugly traveling man in the glass Textiles were also made of very high quality and exported throughout the world Swiss watches, of course High fashion of a recent style Swiss guns, highly sought after. Precision made and very ornate I'm going to say they also exported culture, I didn't understand this room Swiss red cross motive abound Quite a busy cafe, I think people just come here for the cafe as it's outside the paid area Sadly the dining was closed this day The lockers are free, the little coin should be returned though


As I alluded to, not intensely detailed on any one thing but a great broad spectrum of Swiss history and culture. Very nice place, the staff are amazing and super helpful. Everyone seems to speak English here too. On Sundays, no shopping is open, so this is an ideal destination.

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