Auckland War Memorial Museum

The museum was originally started in a farm house in 1852, which still exists a ways away at the Auckland University grounds. Over a decades-long discussion, it became clear there was a desire for a larger museum in a more museumy location. Eventually they settled on a hill in what is called the Auckland Domain (an area of land owned by the city).

Focusing on New Zealand stuff and a huge section for the War Memorial area, it's quite the collection of things you just won't see anywhere else.

The Arrival - Landslide Challenges

I took the train from downtown (where I was staying) to the Parnell station, seems logical, it's the station designed to visit the entire Auckland Domain area. Well, a while ago there was a large flood and is caused some land mess, movements, etc. In the Auckland Council's infinite wisdom, they decided to close the paths from the station into the park. I ignored the signs and it wasn't really that messed up, but it seems if it cannot be used by the least capable, it cannot be used by anyone (the council is really weird on their decision making, I have so many more stories for just my 4 days there).

The Museum

The 1920s neoclassical building (looks like the ancient Greek is what that means to me) which has been extended many times out the back (the main shot is the front) to accommodate the growth of everything New Zealand.
Maori long house, a place of gathering and community for the original inhabitants Maori warboat, which made up a lot of their cultural identity of kicking ass Many masks for many purposes and ceremonies
Long, heavy, and devastating weapons of hand-to-hand combat A model of the largest flightless bird we have any record of, eaten to extinction hundreds of years ago The Kiwi, the national bird of New Zealand, and since it can't fly, super endangered anywhere people and pets are
This room full of demographic and other information about the island, and is almost a piece of art and really interesting information too Dinos near the dining A rotating image that shows a full 360 view from the point of the museum of Auckland and the rest of the area
Simulation house for when a volcano decides to wake up (and it will eventually, Auckland being on top of at least 7 of them) And the very realistic ending if you didn't leave where you are covered, crushed, and killed by the eruption And on that previous uplifting note, the kids' discovery and interactive area!

The War Memorial

So the entire upper floor is dedicated to all the things war, and the massive commitment Auckland made to the Empire, from 1852 (when the war was fighting the local Maori for dominance) to today.
Memorial to the unknown numbers deceased on both sides of the NZ Wars The massive WW1 memorial and list of dead.  A shock to the populace that was never before and so far, never since repeated its massive loss of life Of the conflicts not portrayed (Boer wars, NZ War, WW1 and WW2) the list of those who lost their lives, including a blank one 'Never to be filled' hoping for a time of true peace
Life in the trenches, not desirable At 20 feet, let alone 500 yards, I would have been totally fooled by this decoy to get me to expose my sniper position in the trenches.  Crafty Germans Freeing up men to go fight and die, women took on massive roles in Auckland just like many in the English speaking world did
The plane that saved England, and did well over here too Items of the enemy So many original unit flags from the men that went to war, preserved in amazing shape.  That blue is so intense
Being so remote this wasn't just propaganda, but the reality

Food and Drinks!

The main dining area on the ground floor near the rear entrance. Actual chef style food among the museum fare, wine and drinks!


Very geared towards New Zealand and full of unique items from the region plus the war stuff! I'm always fascinated by our historical wars and the people who selflessly went to fight (and die) in them.
More of a local artsy and crafty place I thought than a classic museum shop

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