Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo as an institution was started 100 years ago by a donation of 6 acres of land in one of the more populous neighborhoods. It was initially ran by that individual, until the local council eventually passed zoning restrictions to close the zoo in that area due to complaints over noise and smell.

But they did create a new zoo in the Western Springs area (which seems odd given the city's water supply is the lake right next to the zoo...) But well, it is where it is now and there was a lot more investment in its growth once the city took control (politicians, seriously)

Despite the difficulties of WWII, US service personnel visiting kept the zoo alive. It was able to come out of the other end in good shape, considering how remote and isolated the area was.

As understanding and ideas changed on what a zoo should be, the growth went in various directions until the 1960s when it began its current incarnation.

The Arrival - Walking 4 miles

Rob, being an idiot, didn't even bother to try to find a bus or cab to the zoo, but walked instead. Over an hour later, I finally arrived at the front gate (which is on the opposite side of the zoo from the city) and then proceeded to walk some more all throughout.

The Zoo

A key feature of this zoo is a commitment to 100% natural habitats for the animals. It's evident a lot of care was taken to go this route, and it probably cost a fortune. Various tracks of habitationally similar areas are brought together for the animals that reside in them in the natural world. While this is not unique in zoos, it is really well done here.
Double gates for areas Entry to the dark Kiwi area There are places where you can interact with birds in an open area
This cable system allows for mobility around the zoo for the larger primates, providing them with much more stimulation than a cage
The zoo went a long time without an elephant and recently got one again Flamingos here are not pink, because they don't eat what they do in Florida
America represent!  Gators! I know I will die in this situation in the wild saying 'Kitty! Kitty!  pshp phsp phsp'
If you look close, you'll see the fast moving shadow of a Kiwi that blazed by when I took this picture. The bird was active because it thought it was night time. Otters in the back pond, so damn cute

Food and Drinks!

The midpath cafe with smaller food offerings, but they do have soft drinks which is what I really needed at that point The main cafe, with real food Cocktails??  Why doesn't every zoo do this??


An amazing zoo, and well worth the trip. Great for kids, really good for adults having a long day when your everything is tired, to have a DRINK! But seriously the animals (many of them rare New Zealand ones) and the environments, many of them shared with us, this is a really awesome zoo.
Burn off the kids' energy to help deal with the end of day meltdown

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