Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney

Originally the gardens were part of the appointed British Governor's farm and then his domain (I think this reads as his Crown granted estate). In 1816, it was recognized that Australia had a very unique and challenging environment for flora. The soil was poor and the plants very sensitive. The gardens were created to study and improve on these perceived weaknesses.

So for over 200 years it has been a scientific research facility and then a world class public gardens covering 74 acres (that's 30-hectares for the Imperial challenged).

The Arrival

I was staying in downtown Sydney, and the gardens are also there, making it no challenge at all to get to. It was also a delightfully pleasant and warm autumn day, yeah, idyllic. I had visited here on a long layover in 2012 but my discipline for photography was severely lacking then, and I realize now I had not even seen 1/5 the place.

The Gardens

I walked in from the south side across the expressway, and at first I was rushing around looking for great shots. Then I realized I had no commitments for hours and hours, and slowed down to enjoy the place and just meander through.

The areas of specific historical sites and the paths were very peaceful to walk along. Many people were there for lunch as it's right on the border of downtown Sydney also.

Oh, and let's not forget the amazing views.
Quite stunning along the harbor A little farther out and you get the entire effect of Sydney's architecture
And then, the gardens. This was hours of walking and enjoying.


Just an outstanding set of gardens, doubling as Sydney's main park. During warmer weather, it seems the entire city comes here for lunch, and I could not blame them.

A serene and wild feeling refuge from the urban jungle, I almost wish I could build a place in here to stay. Also, it's free, so... why are you not here already?

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