The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Established in 1870, the museum was originally located at 681 5th Avenue, which is now a dull ass office building. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, more commonly referred to as The Met, was instantly the darling of the cultural elite. It rapidly outgrew its space and was moved to a benefactor's mansion on 14th street. It again exceeded the space in 1880, when the current location was completed and the collections moved.

The museum grounds expanded through various building additions and land grants from Central Park, via an arrangement that they couldn't charge New York Citizens a fixed amount to visit. (That still holds to this day. Sorry tourists, you get to pay the full amount.) It's become the largest art museum in the USA. Being on 5th Avenue and the pet of most of the richest people in the country, its collections are truly unmatched anywhere in the world.

The Arrival

I took the subway to 77th Street and Lexington, and walked over towards the park. There is always a line to get in, but they have a huge coat and bag check process, so feel free to wear whatever the weather dictates. Wait, wait, wait, pay, then, finally (ok, go to the bathroom first) you can head into the museum proper.

Ancient Art

What I love about classic art museums is they consider anything well made with care and detail potentially a work of art. The Met personifies this with its antiquities collections. Egypt, Rome, Greece, Abyssinia, Babylon, and it continues.
This was part of the original collection when the Met was founded, an exquisite and rare piece as most Romans were cremated, not buried Mosiacs rock
Not wallpaper, but wall painting.  Even middleclass had homes decorated as such Pretty sure breasts means this is Haptuset
A temple, a freaking Egyptian temple, complete, inside the museum Very large, very old and a thank you from Egypt for the Aswan dam
Always bothered me, the Ptolemaic Period Hard to find these anymore with all the war and limited numbers at the first place Nobility armor was heavily adorned, though actual wearable art
Moghul art, incredibly light and bejeweled, they ran India with an iron fist, but created such a huge array of beautiful things
The Met has many spacious areas, filled with statues and other interesting and unique items.
Shoulda kept their heads Interesting mix of a 18th century Spanish choir screen reaching 3 stories high, displayed with various historical themed clothing items
And of course, paintings, but not just any paints, the holotypes of the masters from all periods, all genres.
Degama! Degas, there was a creepy side to all his 19th century ballerina paintings
Monet, just such talent Rembrandt self portrait, supposedly exceptionally true to life The famous Van Gogh self-portrait, yes the real one
I really like Vermeer, he went against the grain by painting normal people doing normal things Very little protection, you can get exceptionally close
This is just wild, I love it


A true class act, world leader. I have been to many art museums, and I find this one the best. Four stories and thousands of square feet of art from before history until now. This museum holds significant works from basically... everyone and everywhere. This is the best art museum in the world.

Ungodly rare stamps, of course they have 6 unused...

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