54thirty, Denver


The Arrival

I walked over from the Denver Hilton to the Le Meridien hotel (about 3 blocks), and entered on the ground floor. Near the elevator banks was a nice young lady who gave me the menu card (with a QR code) and then waved her magic keyfob to grant access to the top floor where the lounge is.
The one who can grant you access (it's pretty easy; just ask, no rope or bouncer code like Miami) Anticipation builds, at night you can see the crowd mass from here, but if you start early... grab your spot and park your butt

The Bar

It's a roof top venue with clean design and straight lines throughout, offering both covered and uncovered areas. Strangely it was savagely hot that day with very strong sun. I suggest finding a spot under the covered area when it's hot or cold, but when it's just right and night time? Omg, uncovered.
The Bar!  A couple arrived while most seats were taken and I invited them to sit, no need not to make friends Small plates, the finishing touch of a real lounge for me

The View

The view is limited looking toward the city, but when you look south and west to the Rockies, just wow. Stunning view of the massiveness of nature.
buildings, meh Oh yay, more buildings Just wow, so much framing of the sky and ground, this is the view


This is a very nice place, the crowd is a mix of older well-off, younger flashy and regular onlookers. No problems seen or to be had, reasonable drink prices, great attentive service and a very nice location.

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