Baccarat Bar, London


The Arrival

When Harrods is open, you can wander the lower level by the liquor and cigar salons and come across the Baccarat Bar against the outside edge of the store.

In the evening, you must go to the actually understated but dedicated entrance on a pedestrian exclusive section of Hans Cres (hint, there is a subway entrance on this section too).

Then down the stairs to the bar entry.
Coming down this way seems more exclusive, I don't know why

The Bar

Very much an outfit in the style of Annees folles (the crazy years or the Jazz age), lacquers and dark red hues accent everything in an indirectly refracted crystal-lit haven of drinks with a small selection of gastroscience-type food that is quite delicious but seems to be without a theme.

The magician and his stage They wait to accommodate your needs
Not a very large space, but I have not seen it packed full either Very intimate

The Drinks

Because of its location on the lower level, your view consists of other bar patrons - the tourists and local people with exceptional money to burn who come here. This is a definite 'impress your date' place. All the drinks are paired with specific Baccarat crystal to enhance the experience. I'm not sure if it does but the drinks were exceptionally good, many made with very custom prepared ingredients in their little drink lab.
The menu is a work of art on its own, very pleasant if somewhat intimidating to find your drink style An explanation of what glasses are being used and of course, that they are available for your home bar should you feel the need to splurge
Presentation and colors of the drinks, very pleasing.  Yes, almost too tasty, I can get in trouble here Well, we can't have Rob drinking alone now, can we? Aged, decanted and enough to fill your car tank (yet it costs more than your car)


I honestly found this by accident wandering Harrods in 2021 and have been back since. It's really is an elegant place that the Brits will tell you is pretentious. But self-indulgence is what Rob considers part of self-care once in a while.

I've seen some exceptionally wealthy people here as well as just regular people on vacation. It's quiet, the service is very attentive and overall for London not that expensive. Also it's open long after Harrods closes, even past the closing of the subway station. Just TRY to get a cab on Brompton Road at that hour, it's a madhouse!

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