Floor 13, Phoenix Arizona, March 2020


The Arrival

I was in Phoenix for work, so a couple of co-workers and I drove to downtown from Chandler to get some drinks and light snacks. The drive was not bad as it was the first couple weeks of everyone noticing COVID, and coincidentally my last week on the road before everything began to really lock down.

It's downtown, there is valet and plenty of off street parking after work hours for very reasonable rates.

We arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn and find that Floor 13 has its own dedicated elevator deep in the hotel.

The Bar

An L-shaped counter inside (good for when those pesky Phoenix rain storms show up) with easy access to the patio area. There are interesting views of downtown. Very reasonable food and drink prices, and a mix of people from dressed up to casual, so no style is out of place.
That's not concerning at all

The View

The view is interesting; being only 13 floors up, it's constrained a lot by taller buildings, but as night falls and they light up, the view gets better.


This lounge is way better than you would expect. So calm, really good prices. I didn't expect this quality in a select service hotel, but it's definitely worth visiting if you're in town.

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