Gong, The Shard, London


The Arrival

I was staying way out in Greenwich so instead of a very circuitous route on the Underground, I took the overland train up to London Bridge station (right next to The Shard, so that works out well). It was clean, fast and such a smooth ride.

This place is really controlled and you better make a reservation. They make you wait on the ground floor until you're ready to be seated. You also have a minimum spend per person and only 1 and 1/2 hours to stay there. Well, if you plan well, and get to it, that's no problem. 2 drinks puts you over the minimum.

The Bar

After going by the lobby of Shangri La to the 2nd set of elevators, you get to the 52nd floor and to Gong. Then there is another hostess stand here.

The place is very dark (helps with seeing outside at night) and also very busy. They do move like a machine in here, maximizing the usage of space.
Really pretty bar, and the people are super friendly Mmmm, tasty drink More tatsy drink!
Little bit of food, which was quite good.  I love a lounge that also has small plates The food and prices (easy to get your minimum here!) Drinks inspired by all over.  I just went after ingredients because I am picky
The sushi master way in the back This is the seating throughout the lounge

The View

Just an outstanding view of the city and down the river. It was very calm even though a table of tossers were exceptionally loud a couple over which detracted from things.
The City of London (not London, this is the old part).  Quite the view from here Tower Bridge, such an eye grabber.  I had a hard time looking away


The views are astounding. Is it pretentious? Yes, yes it is, but I felt a great switch up from my normal places. The waitstaff was incredibly attentive and friendly. There is a swimming pool and DJ area you can go to too, but that, no, not my groove in the winter, in London. I wanted calmer.

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