01-11-2021 - Hilton CEO weighs in, Britain locks down, Minnesota opens up

Airline News

Emirates takes A380 experience to new heights, unveils Premium Economy plus enhancements across all cabins

Emirates Airline, the largest users of A380 super jumbo’s and world leader in airborne luxury, have introduced a premium economy product. In my experience, Prem. Econ is the best bang for the buck, and the best way to chase airline status flying on partners in it. More details available on emirates.com




Hotel News

Q&A: Chris Nassetta Reflects on a Challenging 2020 and His Optimism for the Return of the Golden Age of Travel

Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta discusses challenges of 2020 and his optimism on travel returning to a golden again. Full article can be seen here on hilton.com




JW Marriott, Mall of America to open internal amenities January 11th.

JW Marriott Mall of America to open Bar, Restaurant and Gym January 11th based on Minnesota restrictions being loosened. This brings the property to a full service situation. Hotel website is available here




Hyatt Regency Phnom Pehn Opens in Cambodia

Hyatt Hotels is opening a Hyatt Regency, their luxury brand, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. One of my favorite countries. 247 rooms, 43 suites, 4 dining venues, Hyatt Club and all those luxury amenities I enjoy so much. I do find this one a little strange as Phnom Penh is not really a tourist destination, but there are a ton of manufacturing facilities around. Full details available on hyatt.com




Travel News

UK New Travel restrictions internally and worldwide

Britain has implemented extreme lockdown measures in country and most other countries are imposing restrictions traveling from or through the United Kingdom. Full details can be seen here on the UK Govt site