01-18-2021 - Delta bans support animals, JAL cuts flights, new Hotel, Marriott extends status, FAA will jail unruly passengers

Airline News

Delta to no longer accept emotional support animals; DOT documentation required for trained service dogs

Delta has followed with DOT recommendations and abolished emotional support animals, and require all service animals have training documentation and behavior testaments. I’m on the fence, some of the support animals were crazy, but a complete ban? There were a few occasions where the animals were unruly when I flew. Full story available on delta.com




JAL Group Readjusts Domestic Network Schedule between January 13-31

JAL has doubled the number of flights being cancelled domestically, bringing it up to 367 flights per day, during January citing the continued lack of travelers in the middle of the pandemic. This is painful for JAL as the majority of their revenue was domestic during the closures of most international destinations they serve. Full story available on jal.com




Hotel News

Marriott extends benefits for Bonvoy members and jump starts requirements

Marriott has done something pretty amazing with Bonvoy, an admittedly rocky start program back in 2018.

For 2021, they are extending everyone’s status from 2020 (which was extended from 2019!) and giving people 50% free award nights of their current status to make it to the next level. In addition, they are, from Feb 16th to April 27th, you’ll get double points and double qualifying nights for stays.

What does that mean? Well for me, which I hit Titanium again last year (I am lifetime titanium but you need to actually stay the nights to get the bonus freebies), for 93 nights, I will get 37 nights (1/2 of 75 needed). I already get 30 nights from my credit cards. That will put me at 67, passing Platinum, which I will use the bonus on reaching that for Suite Nights. Then I just need to stay 2 weekends for 8 more nights to hit Titanium again, and again I will take more suite upgrades as my bonus there.

In Addition, Marriott will extend expiration of last years suite nights to the end of the year, and free night certificates from 2020 to Aug, 1st, 2021 giving you much more time to utilize them.

Also, the requirement to be an Ambassador (which I have been for many years at times in the past) has a minimum spend at hotels. It used to be $20,000 but this year it is only $14,000. May seem like a lot, but for people that travel for work? That’s about 30 weeks of stays. Not uncommon. More details available on Marriott.com




St. Regis Hotels Heralds a New Beacon of Luxury on the Nile with the Opening of the St. Regis Cairo

A new St. Regis is opening in the heart of Cairo on the Nile. Representing 286 rooms with 80 luxury apartments (read, crazy big suites to you and I). 6 restaurants, 2 bars (at least), a spa, two pools, fitness center, and of course the St. Regis Butler service for Suites and Apartments. True 5 star luxury. More details available on marriott.com




Travel News

Federal Aviation Administration Adopts Stricter Unruly Passenger Policy

The FAA has implemented a new rule for unruly passengers, which I feel is justified given some of the things I have seen. Per the FAA, Passengers who interfere with, physically assault, or threaten to physically assault aircraft crew or anyone else on an aircraft face stiff penalties, including fines of up to $35,000 and imprisonment. This dangerous behavior can distract, disrupt, and threaten crewmembers’ safety functions.

I agree.

More details available on faa.gov