02-01-2021 - Almost all airline news, with Delta killing it

Airline News

British Airways becomes the first UK airline to trial the use of mobile travel health passport, Verifly

British Airways is now integrating with Verifly, like American Airlines did last year, to provide proof of health. The application stores identity credentials that are verifiable and trusted by many agencies. When up an running this should streamline things quite nicely.

Let it be known though, the reviews of Verifly are pretty mixed, heavily weighted towards the bottom as it seems they have verification personnel who are less than 100% on the ball at all times.

More information can be found at <"a href=https://mediacentre.britishairways.com/news/29012021/british-airways-becomes-the-first-uk-airline-to-trial-the-use-of-mobile-travel-health-passport-verifly?ref=News ">British Airways website




COVID-19 test home-delivery, easy-upload documentation: New ways Delta customers can navigate travel requirements

Delta is working hard to allow those who want to travel, to do so safely and under compliance, with a delivered to your home, Covid test. You can acquire 2 tests, one for day of departure and one for the trip home from a foreign land.

They offer a ton of other options too, but for me, the self testing as needed is something I am really looking forward to on more airlines (*cough cough* American!!)

Much more information on this one is available at Deltas website




Delta launches first domestic digital identity test in U.S., providing touchless curb-to-gate experience

Delta is offering a new digital identity option so if you don’t want to deal with people until you board, you don’t have to. Seems it will keep wait times down, as you wont have to wait for an agent to get everything settled.

More details available at Deltas website




United Makes Hawaii Travel Easier with Expanded COVID Testing and Pre-Clearance Program

United is offering a pre-screening for passengers going to Hawaii that allows them to skip the Covid process when landing, greatly reducing stress (I know I HATE waiting in Hawaii to get done with the airport, and it seems to take longer there than most of the US).

The meat of the program is detailed on Uniteds website




Travel News

Egypt increases the amount of days prior to a trip you can have a negative test for travel from countries that are farther away.

Egypt has increased the amount of time from a negative test to be valid prior to arrival from 72 hours to 96 hours, giving the USA and several other countries an extra day to have the negative test results as it usually takes over a day to get to Egypt. This allows a much more managble process when going to Cairo and helping you avoid mandatory tests there and quarantine.

For your return trip, testing is readily available in the larger cities and have a pretty good turn around of 48 hours with expedited service available for an upcharge. Tests for PCR are available for around $45 USD and up.

More information available at the US Embassy website for Egypt