02-08-2021 - Masks, slow airline news and almost nothing interesting from hotels. February, yay...

Airline News

More Access, More Ease: American Airlines Expands its Acceptance of VeriFLY App at All Airports

American expands Verifly to all airports (even international) it services for primarily health (read Covid) documentation. This is hoped to ease travel and increase flyers even as AA gets ready to lay off basically everyone…

Specifics are at aa.com




JAL Successfully Operates a Commercial Flight Using Sustainable Aviation Fuel Produced in Japan

JAL used fuel produced in Japan, from renewable sources, to fly a commercial plane. This I think is great because so many people are complaining about the amount of fuel used, if you can grow it yourself it’s a closed loop, and then I get to fly for many more years.

Way to go JAL!

More info here on jal.com




Welcome back! Lufthansa Crew returns to Munich from record flight to the Falkland Islands

Lufthansa just did a 14 hours down 14 hours back, without servicing the aircraft from Munich to Falklands, and the return. This is a record for any aircraft without a go-over in between. Also since the people being flown back were Antarctic scientists, the crews had to quarantine for 2 weeks before the flight, this put them at 20 days of non-stop on duty time, another record.

Fanfare at lufthansagroup.com




Travel News

This Luxury Hamptons Hotel Wants You to Visit for Valentine’s Day — Round-trip Helicopter Ride Included

If you’re an investment banker who didn’t get involved in GameStop and still have money to burn, this Hamptons vacation may be just for you, but then again you probably already live there… For us, get a chopper ride from NYC to the place to stay, because… Hamptons in the winter… yeah.

Find the hotel here on travelandleisure.com




Requirement for Face Masks on Public Transportation Conveyances and at Transportation Hubs

You probably already have heard, but in case you live under a rock (and if you do, message me, so I can do a trip blog to that rock) you basically need a mask to travel in anything except your car. I am honestly not complaining.

Details available on the cdc.gov website