Wings at The JW Marriott, Chicago

The Price

$17 for the Grilled Wings, and a bar menu of exceptional breadth. The complete, and high end, menu has so many options that if you do not have other plans for the night, staying here will be just fine, and on a Chicago winters eve, a great option in an absolutely astounding hotel.

The Wings

Grilled, Chipotle-Honey wings. A fairly acceptable amount of wings for the price (Ok, a little small for $17). The flavor is good, but they wings are quite dry. The sauce they are on, and the presentation is top notch, they are just missing that moistness I crave in any style of wings.


Solid flavor and exceptional presentation. An amazing and comfortable bar setting in an incredible hotel. Everything surrounding you is high end. Just be ready for a drier wing experience than Rob usually encounters.

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JW Marriott Chicago - Posted: 2022-02-24